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A global cold war is happening in Sigma Theory APK. By joining this game, the player will become the head of the intelligence force of any country and try to solve the current situation as soon as possible. Will a technological revolution have a direct impact on this cold war?

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Introduce about Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory – Strategy game inspired by the cold war

The Cold War was one of those times when none of us wanted it to happen. Although there were no large-scale armed attacks during this period, the resulting economic shutdown affected the economies of many countries. Join Sigma Theory, you will somewhat better understand the cold war period through the content that this game conveys.

Sigma Theory

Basically, the product from the publisher PID Games has been released on Steam, and just launched the mobile version not long ago. This means that the gameplay and content in the game will not change too much. Maybe just change the operating mechanism to be more suitable for touch devices. You can download this game through Google Play or App Store to play it right away.

The story has depth

The beginning of a cold war in Sigma Theory is inspired by the near future when a group of scientists discovered radical new technologies. This invention could affect the global economy, wipe out nations as well as create immortal human beings. The name of this remarkable discovery is “Sigma Theory”. It can only be exploited by a handful of scientists worldwide.

In Sigma Theory, players will have the opportunity to become the head of their country’s Sigma department. Your main goal is to make sure that Sigma in your country is more developed than any other country in the world. It is not easy to achieve the goal, you will need a lot of factors to develop Sigma to new heights. Get ready to be one of the people who can change the destiny of the world.

Build an elite special forces force

Initially, the player will begin the quest to change the destiny of the world through the help of two experienced scientists. They are constantly researching Sigma to provide you with the latest information. At the same time, you need to build an elite force of agents to determine the force of scientists in the neighboring countries.

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The main goal is to force the best scientists to serve their intelligence department. In trading activities, everything needs to be as normal as if nothing happened. Of course, hackers from other countries will also try to steal your research. Therefore, continuously unlock new agents and upgrade defenses to ensure that important content is always safe.

Discover intelligence

After building a good task force, players will begin to give them specific tasks for them to complete. Typically, you can drop them into densely populated areas or important roads in neighboring countries. Please ensure that immigration operations are safe, away from local surveillance, and free from arrest. Once in the right location, agents will begin to uncover important information and send it to your intelligence area. You can then call a meeting with another head of state and use your intelligence profile against them.

Impact on world powers

Not only join intelligence activities, but you can also directly influence different countries in many directions. Take for example turn-based battles for world domination with activities like seduction, blackmail, manipulation, industrial espionage, and more. The slight impacts allowed in Sigma Theory will cause a lot of damage to other countries. Don’t forget to develop your relationships with senior leaders to convince them to serve your cause.

Looking for the best

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The development of the intelligence force always requires the appearance of the best people. In Sigma Theory, players can choose from a variety of characters that appear on the screen. Each one has its own appearance, nationality, strengths, and weaknesses for you to choose from. They can perform well in each specific task. Of course, you cannot force a person of French nationality to attack their country through political activities. Read each person’s information carefully before making a decision.

How to install Sigma Theory

Step 1: Click on the Sigma Theory APK link below this article to download the game for your Android phone.

Step 2: To install the MOD, please go to “settings” and enable installation of unknown sources.

Step 3: Now you can open the Sigma Theory_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and play right away.

Download Sigma Theory PK for Android

Sigma Theory will definitely bring you intense strategic battles. It’s not just about uncompromising battles, but also your leadership talent and effective assignment of duties. Try to develop your task force to be able to complete all assigned tasks.

Features MOD:

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