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Update OnNovember 12, 2022
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Xeno Command MOD APK is an offline strategy game that has just been released by ChillyRoom. Join the game, you will become the commander of the galactic defense force with the aim of fighting against the invasion of aliens. Time is ticking, you need to quickly join the fight before it’s too late.

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Introduce about Xeno Command

Xeno Command – Real-time strategy game inspired by alien war

Defending the galaxy from alien attacks is your most important task in Xeno Command. This is a newly released game from the publisher ChillyRoom. They are the father of a series of famous games on the current mobile game market, such as Soul Knight or Otherworld Legends.

Xeno Command

Therefore, we fully believe that Xeno Command will make you feel satisfied right from the first experience. Accordingly, you will have to come up with the best strategies to help your army defeat all opponents at each level. At the same time, the battlefield will change continuously after each level so you need to adapt to that. You should download this game through Google Play to enjoy the fun it has to offer.

Crisis of planets in the universe

The context in Xeno Command is inspired by the crisis of planets in the universe. This is a time when aliens are becoming extremely powerful. They are constantly destroying planets in the galaxy and slowing the development of all humanity. Therefore, heroes from all over the universe joined forces with the aim of fighting the aliens and returning everything to its original peace.

As the savior of the galaxy, you need to lead all heroes in battles and they maximize their power to win each war. It’s not easy to fight the alien invasion. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to simple battles until the contents become more complex.

Lead the army to victory

Xeno Command is more than just a strategy game, it also integrates Roguelike and RTS mechanics. Now, you will directly lead your army in each war by touching the screen. You will not need to split pieces in this game, all commands have been optimized for mobile devices. Tap anywhere on the screen to command your army to fight at your disposal.

download xeno command mod

In addition, the army will automatically attack when approaching the enemy, so players need to come up with the most effective approach. There are three difficulty levels for you to choose from in this game, easy, medium, and hard. Choose the right level of play to enjoy Xeno Command your way. In addition, after each battle, you can choose 1 of 3 random technology rewards with special skills and abilities.

Many battle units to choose from

As a strategy game, Xeno Command always wants to give players the best tactics to choose from. Therefore, the hero system in this game is quite diverse, each type of hero has completely different commands, skills, and structures. You can strengthen your army by winning battles against enemies. The number of resources you collect will help you improve the strength of your defenses and army systems.

Combat units currently available in the game include Bots, Marines, Flying Troops, Laser Towers, Supplies, and more. At the same time, dozens of different defensive constructions are waiting for you to unlock in this game. Besides, new content will be continuously updated in the next versions so you have more choices.

Explore the vast galaxy

The vast galaxy in the game gives players a completely new experience compared to normal games. Here, you will have the opportunity to find many planets with completely different styles and landscapes. Some familiar names can be mentioned such as Barren, Lava, Machine, and Distorted Space. Do not forget that the enemy will always be waiting to destroy your army system at any time. Up to the present time, this game is available with more than 100 types of alien creatures with many powerful Bosses.

Graphics are simple but very attractive

download xeno command apk

Xeno Command’s graphical development is relatively simple, but it will definitely make you feel impressed from the first time. The details are designed in a colorful and futuristic style. At the same time, the environment in the game will also change continuously with the appearance of many different contexts. Thanks to that, you will always feel excited when participating in the battles. In addition, the sound system also performs very well with background music and noises emitted in each battle.

How to install Xeno Command

Step 1: Download the version of Xeno Command (APK or MOD) developed at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the file Xeno Command_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the “Xeno Command” installation.

Contact us if you have any problems with the download and installation of this game.

New update in Xeno Command

Version 1.2.5

  • Added troop & building recycling: you can now select troops/buildings to recycle them when disengaging from battles for 5s.
  • All new troops will be airdropped to battlefront.
  • Fearless Company’s troop training is shortened.
  • Fixed the wrong prompt of “Tunneling Worm” when defeating targets.
  • Fixed the registration glitch on certain phones.
  • Fixed the glitch of no level selection in Chapter 4.

FAQs about Xeno Command

1: Does this game require high configuration to experience?

Xeno Command’s capacity is about 1G, but it can work stably on devices with mid-range configurations.

2: What is special about the MOD version of Xeno Command?

When downloading the MOD version of this game at our site, you will have a chance to unlock all available heroes and levels. At the same time, in battles, you can easily complete the current campaign thanks to the available features.

3: Will the MOD version harm my device?

Of course not, because the entire APK or MOD version at our site is fully moderated before being updated to the article. Therefore, you can rest assured when experiencing.

Download Xeno Command MOD APK for Android

Xeno Command is really an attractive strategy game in the present time. It fully converges attractive elements, accompanied by a modern cosmic context also added to bring the best experience to players. Get ready to lead the galactic army to fight the aliens in this game. You should try downloading the MOD at our website to fully explore the content with outstanding features.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Attack Multiplier
  • Unlocked Full Game


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