Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK 2.00.18 (Unlimited Money) Download

Raw Fury
Update OnMarch 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 8.0
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Do you love strategy games? Download the game Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK (Unlimited Money) now for $5.49 at Google Play or download the free MOD version from MODDED-1. This is a fresh new strategy game with tower defense elements, varied levels, and great graphics. So, will certainly provide an enjoyable experience.

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Introduce about Bad North: Jotunn Edition

download bad north jotunn edition mod money

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a game from the popular publisher Raw Fury. Basically, this is a pretty simple game in terms of both content and control mechanisms. Moreover, its gameplay is not too new when it combines classic elements of strategy and tower defense. However, if you are looking for an interesting strategy game, Bad North: Jotunn Edition has everything you need. Currently, this game is very hot on the global gaming community.


Starting the game, gamers will see an island appear before their eyes. It may seem peaceful at first but after that, you will see large boats constantly landing on the island. The king of this island was murdered by a group of Viking invaders. Therefore, this place is now without a ruler and this is a good opportunity for the invasion of the evil forces. As the last descendant in the kingdom, players will have to stand up to fight and defend their home territory.

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Players need to organize troops and arrange soldiers in many locations on the island to create a solid wall of defense. When the invaders attacked, soldiers would automatically attack without requiring activation. If you win, players will receive bonuses, troops, equipment, and items to upgrade their army.

Military organization

The strength of a kingdom depends entirely on the strength of the army it possesses. Want for a powerful army, players must know how to build and arrange it appropriately. Soldiers in the army include 3 main types, which are swordsmen, archers, and pikemen. For swordsmen, it is the most agile unit, meanwhile, archers are the unit with the longest range and pikemen are soldiers with long and powerful weapons.

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Different types of soldiers can only maximize their strength when placed in the right position. For example, with pikemen, it is best to place them in the first position to attack the shield row of the enemy. Meanwhile, archers should be placed farthest away because they need to be protected to deal damage to enemies from afar. However, in each case, the location of the units may need to be changed. Players will be the ones to decide this to suit their strategy.

Game levels

Bad North: Jotunn Edition currently has 3 levels, which are easy, medium, and difficult. And in each level, the challenge will be more and more complex. Over time, the area of ​​the island will gradually expand, and the player’s enemies will also grow. So what will happen? Enemies will quickly flood the island with powerful forces, while your resources are limited. At that time, players need to come up with a reasonable combat plan, which can disperse troops to guard many areas or gather forces to protect important bases.

download bad north jotunn edition

Note: In the difficult level, the challenge will be quite complicated from the beginning. It requires the player to have experience and knowledge in building and arranging units of soldiers, and in upgrading buildings and troops. So if you are a new player it’s best to start at the easy level, then go to medium and hard level. Especially, when players complete the difficult level, they can unlock the game on an extremely difficult level. This is the “reward” for the best gamers.


Bad North: Jotunn Edition is playable on both Android and PC platforms. Compared to on PC, the control mechanism of the game on the phone is much easier. Players simply click on a unit, then select the location and the group of soldiers will automatically move to the designated location. When the enemy’s army boat hits the shore, groups of soldiers will automatically fight with each other and the results will be available soon.


Bad North: Jotunn Edition owns a 3D graphics platform with a very unique design style. What players can see on the experience screen is a small central island, units of soldiers above the island, and small enemy boats slowly moving into the dock. Although it is quite simple like that, it is enough to impress everyone because the cartoon design style is both close and new. Furthermore, it can run smoothly on most mobile devices.

How to install Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Step 1: Download Bad North: Jotunn Edition (MOD Money) version from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on the device. Tap install the Bad North file: Jotunn Edition_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 3: Follow the installation until the end.

Download Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK for Android

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is one of the most attractive strategy games for mobile at present. Its tactical element is clearly shown in the way the player organizes his army to fight the invading army. It’s as simple as that, but can be difficult for many players as the challenge becomes increasingly difficult. Where do you need to place the archer unit? As for swordsmen, how is it reasonable to put? There are many questions that you have to answer by yourself when participating in the game.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money


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