About MODDED-1

Building an open space for all gamers who love mobile games is one of the things we target worldwide. That is the task when Modded-1.com was born, to serve everyone Downloading high-speed Games and Apps. We do not want to become a website with the most traffic, we want to build it into an open space for all gamers around the world. Join the Modded-1.com community, you will have a private space, with lots of interesting things, await you to discover.

Modded-1.com was born from young people who are passionate about Games and Apps, we joined hands and built this website from the number zero. We were eager to work to build a common playground around the world. This is probably a great starting point for everyone.

An interesting playground

Modded-1.com is set up as the main criterion with the fastest update MOD Games and Apps fun on worldwide. Therefore, the articles on the website are always refreshed every day.

Note: During the reading process, if you feel the article has negative content, please report it to us. All of your feedback, we will see and listen.

Always creative, simple, and responsible

Looking at the website Modded-1.com, you can see it simply from the interface to the article. We not only bring you good articles and easy-to-see interface, we always try to ensure the smallest stuff:

  • The information must always be accurate
  • Content goes straight to the point, not lengthy
  • Centralized presentation and always listening to improving the content
  • Download speed and page speed are top priorities

Always welcome new members

From its founding until now, Modded-1.com has a total of 50 – 100 peoples. Including (Director, Deputy Director, Head of Department, staff, and some other positions). We know that only this number of people is not enough to create an open and private space, so we always need contributions from the community. We welcome young people who love Games and Apps, writing, technology, to grow with us. Join us, you will have a private, open space to be able the most comfortable way.

Download FAQs

1. How to download?

Just wait a few seconds and the download button will appear.

2. Is the file I download from Modded-1.com safe?

Of course, every file is checked by antivirus software before being uploaded to the system.

Our hosting server is also regularly checked to avoid any threats.

3. Why the download speed is slow?

The server we use is a high quality, dedicated type that allows the distribution of huge volumes of files to all users. Therefore, we are confident that the download speed of Modded-1.com is not inferior to any other storage system.

In case the download speed is slow, please check your bandwidth.

4. The description is not correct with the downloaded file

If there is a mistake between the description and the downloaded file, please report it to us via the contact section at the bottom of the page.

A new beginning

Since its founding so far, we know that it is difficult to operate and develop a website. However, this is just a start for the goals ahead. We hope this road will be a little bit thorny (though know very much) but hopefully, people can join hands to support us, with likes, comments, and more positive reviews. Just like that is enough energy for us to continue this journey.

Effective Date: September 22, 2020
Last updated: September 22, 2020