Hi everybody, everyone knows that was born to create an open space for gamers to explore. We built and went up thanks to community contributions, and we have been operating for 2 years so far. All the costs to maintain the website is because more than 50 people deduct from the monthly salary, pocket money to maintain and survive until now. So if you can help us a little, each people donate a little more, we will be more engrossed with this project.

How will donations be used?

If it is a small amount, about a few dollars for example. Maybe we will buy some drinks cans to be excited to continue to work and develop the project new with you. Or if the amount is larger, we will use to pay server maintenance fees and domain names. If there are still redundant (at the moment does not), then maybe will be used as a reward for online contests or used as a charity for the poor…

Do not donate?

We created this donation page, not for money, if you don’t donate, you can still love us. With so many supporters, in addition to people donating $, you can also support by rating, like, comment, …and keep on watching, there is nothing to be afraid. We affirm to everyone that, will continue to maintain, develop, and strive for better. Every day, we will bring you the best articles, the fastest download speeds, and always create the latest ones, so there will be no boring posts. Trust me!

How to Donate?

Currently, can receive donations through forms such as Giftcard, Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Patreon,….

1. Paypal

Paypal account: contact: [email protected]

2. Support US on Patreon

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Contributors to the website, we will create “Golden Table” as a way to gratitude. Thank you and have a nice day.

Effective Date: September 22, 2020
Last updated: September 22, 2020