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Primitive Era: 10000 BC MOD APK will take you back to the prehistoric era. Your mission is to build a prosperous civilization with your tribe. There are countless mini-quests for you from mining resources to building, hunting, and fighting. Get ready to do whatever it takes to dominate every jungle here.

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Introduce about Primitive Era: 10000 BC

Primitive Era: 10000 BC – A tactical simulation game with a prehistoric setting

Primitive Era: 10000 BC was launched not too long ago but soon attracted more than 5 million installs on Google Play. This is an amazing achievement for this strategy simulation game. It is carefully invested in many aspects from content to gameplay.

However, it is very accessible when only taking place on the phone’s vertical screen. That is, you only need to use one hand to play the game. Managing all activities is also very simple. But what makes the game attractive? It is a strategic element. Gamers need a wise strategy to build a powerful civilization in prehistoric times.

Build solid structures

The game takes gamers back to prehistoric times when humans used rudimentary language and tools to survive. It has a constantly refreshed quest system. Gamers just need to go there to know what to do next. Basically, the main task is to build structures for residents. First of all, you need to clear the forest, cut the wood and exploit the resources. Then, send a tribe of people to build unique structures.

Of course, gamers need to upgrade their entire construction to increase the bonus. The higher the level, the more solid and profitable the building. So how to upgrade? They need more wood and stone. At the same time, they also need a lot of food and water to nourish the tribe, the main building force. In addition, do not hesitate to expand the range of residences. Gamers can build more when the population is more and more crowded.

Recruit new members for the tribe

In any era, people play an important role in development. In Primitive Era: 10000 BC, you need to recruit the most people into your tribe if you want to progress. Moreover, you need to promote the connection between members to produce more children. Tribe members take care of everything from construction to mining, clearing the land, farming, hunting, fighting, and more.

To improve the tribe’s strength, gamers need to upgrade each one. Everyone has their own strengths. For example, someone might be good at finding resources, someone else might be good at building, and someone else might be good at hunting. They need to be used properly to reach their full potential. Moreover, you need to upgrade their level to improve the attributes. A prehistoric person here can reach 5 stars (maximum maturity).

Extend the range of activities

Primitive Era: 10000 BC brings a vast prehistoric world with many areas from forests and mountains to the sea. Each area has its own mysteries that you don’t know yet. For example, forests and mountains hide large logs or rare animals, while the sea has exotic sea creatures, including mermaids. Do you want to explore all of them? Do not hesitate to migrate to many new lands to explore more.

Hunt wild animals and tame wild animals

This is the basic activity of prehistoric people. In the dense forests, you can find large animals like mammoths or white tigers. They offer excellent value both in terms of bonuses and food, skins, and more. So, do not miss the hunting trips with the real hunters in the tribe. Gamers can also co-op with friends to hunt more. The hunts in Primitive Era: 10000 BC have never been boring.

Enjoy the beautiful 3D prehistoric environment

This game not only has attractive gameplay but also has an amazing design. It brings the prehistoric world with valleys, caves, forests, mountains, and rivers with high realism. This is your chance to pass by and see rare sights. The ancient ruins also leave many unforgettable impressions. In addition, the environmental context also changes with the day/night cycle, providing a realistic experience.

The sound element is also done quite well. The background music shows the wildness of the prehistoric mountains. The sounds from digging, cutting, and construction are also very exciting.

How to install Primitive Era: 10000 BC

Step 1: Please uninstall other versions of Primitive Era: 10000 BC (if any).

Step 2: Click the link at the bottom of this article to download the game’s MOD APK file.

Step 3: Install the file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 4: Open the game and enjoy it.

Download Primitive Era: 10000 BC MOD APK for Android

Overall, Primitive Era: 10000 BC is a strategy game worth exploring. It offers a beautiful prehistoric background on 3D graphics. At the same time, you will experience real prehistoric life. There are countless exciting missions waiting for you in this experience. Make an effort to build the most powerful civilization here. Don’t forget to communicate with other leaders around the world.


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