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Update OnFebruary 3, 2023
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Family Island APK is a game that combines many elements that allow players to enjoy absolute relaxation when experiencing. You will live on a small island in the middle of the sea without the help of modern technology. Do everything to make this place a livable place for everyone.

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Introduce about Family Island

Family Island – Experiencing the exciting life on a deserted island

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Away from the crowded city, you will be immersed in nature through the help of Family Island. This is a famous farm simulation game from the publisher Melsoft Games Ltd. Here, you will have a completely new life, everything is primitive and outdated without any other help. More specifically, you will discover an extremely interesting story about the family of Bruce and Eva during the game experience. Up to now, this game has achieved more than 10 million installs so you can be completely assured of what it brings.

Interesting primitive background

Joining Family Island, players will be placed in a primitive setting from the perspective of a united family. It was a couple of Bruce, Eva, and their 2 kids. Somehow, they were stranded on an unspoiled island in the middle of the sea without any other help. This is the time when you need to help them build a new home and start family life again. At the same time, find a way to contact the lost family and their beloved tribe. Will you be able to build this place to become a prosperous town?

Ensure the best life for the whole family

Although set on a deserted island, in Family Island you will not have to face other dangerous elements such as wild animals or zombies. Instead, your task is simply mining, hunting, foraging, and building structures for life. Gradually, you will recreate this island into a bustling town, thereby attracting many surrounding tribes to live here.

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Initially, a tutorial system through Bruce and Eva will appear to ensure players can understand how the game works. Accordingly, you will embark on the process of improving the land, weeding, and breaking some rocks to increase the area. Next is to build a hut, fire, and storehouse to store food. Besides, you can build and upgrade buildings thanks to available resources such as iron, wood, stone, rope, and more.

Finding and preparing food

The most important factor in being able to survive on a desert island is finding food and an abundant source of water. Remember that Bruce’s family has many children, so you must not let them go hungry. You can start harvesting food from existing plants or grow some food crops that you want. Then, Family Island also allows players to show off their great cooking skills through simple operations. The extra cooking feature in this game is sure to attract many players who have a passion for cooking.

Explore and expand the area

Not only bringing elements related to the farm, but Family Island also allows players to expand the area by discovering new locations. The places surrounded by fog are unexplored places. The way to explore is also quite simple, you just need to destroy trees, rocks, and bushes with the tools you have. Moreover, unlocking new areas will unlock more interesting stories about the Bruce family that you may be interested in.

Graphics and sounds create a relaxing feeling

Family Island aims to relax players during the experience. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the images appearing in the game are described as bright and sharp. Most of the characters are described in a lovely cartoon style that makes you feel like you are watching a cartoon, not just playing a game.

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Thanks to friendly graphics, this game is suitable for a wide range of players, including children. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the built-in gentle background music. The music system in the game will help players feel peace and relaxation after a long day of work and study. In general, the graphics and sound in the game are especially compatible with each other, you will not be disappointed.

How to install Family Island

Step 1: Please check and uninstall other versions of Family Island if available.

Step 2: Download the game through the “Download” link in this article.

Step 3: Install the game and enjoy it on your Android phone.

Do not forget to leave a comment if there is an error during the download and installation of the game, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Download Family Island APK for Android

Family Island is a game suitable for players who love the farm genre combined with adventure elements. This game will provide you with the content of survival on a deserted island through the daily activities of the Bruce family. Moreover, this interesting family story will gradually be revealed as your experience progress is sure to bring a lot of fun.

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