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Soul Knight Prequel APK, the sequel to the hit Soul Knight game that has reached tens of millions of installs. This time, the game has been upgraded in both graphics, action style, and especially the character and skill system. So it promises plenty of surprises in your typical top-down RPG fight. Let’s explore them now.

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Introduce about Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel – The hit role-playing game is back with a new look

Perhaps you still remember Soul Knight, the game from the publisher ChillyRoom that used to cause waves in the market. It’s been more than 5 years since it was first released, this game has just returned and put on a new look. But instead of updating the old game, publisher ChillyRoom has released a new independent game, which is Soul Knight Prequel. It was first announced in 2020 and was released sometime later. And now, the game is available here for all gamers to discover for free.

Soul Knight Prequel

Basically, this sequel game retains the best of the original game. It’s fun RPG gameplay with a top-down style, intuitive action mechanics, dungeon setting, and adorable chibi graphics. However, because of the later birth, it inevitably has many improvements. You’ll notice it’s added new characters to its hero collection, new maps, and improved visuals. Therefore, it is time to enjoy the Soul Knight in a more exciting new form.

Play as a hero and explore dungeon quests

Still like the original game, in Soul Knight Prequel, gamers will play the role of a hero to participate in the battle in the dungeon. They will receive quests in the game system and can carry multiple missions at the same time. Before entering the battlefield, gamers can customize their hero with weapons, equipment, upgrades, and more. Besides, they can recruit up to 3 supports in the Guild to accompany them during the adventure battle.

During the war, the hero’s task is to destroy all enemies on the map. They can move freely and deploy special skills to attack. But the battle journey does not stop at a certain location. Gamers will win levels and unlock many new missions, thereby opening the opportunity to explore many different maps. It can be dense forest, sunny desert, fiery dungeon, and more. In each location, you will encounter different enemies. The shape of the terrible Boss is also refreshed with powerful skills to increase the challenge for each battle.

Familiar but impressive action mechanism

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Despite many changes, this game still retains the familiar combat mechanics. Accordingly, gamers will control the hero with the joystick on the left side of the screen, and at the same time click the skill buttons on the right to deploy the attack. The controls are quite simple, but the most important factor is the strategy. Gamers need to move wisely to dodge enemies’ attacks while combining moves to respond to them. Besides, don’t miss the useful items and weapons dropped from the dungeon monsters. And look for ways to leverage them to your advantage.

Collection of heroes and weapons added

Gamers can find familiar character classes in Soul Knight Prequel. It includes archers, warriors, mages, supports, and more. Of course, each character class carries different characteristics, thereby having distinct advantages on the battlefield. Gamers need to grasp this to take advantage of each warrior in battle.

Besides, find ways to upgrade your hero with a variety of different items. Each hero has up to 6 gear slots to add shoes, hats, rings, weapons, armor, and more. Regarding weapons, gamers can find the most typical classic ones, such as knives, swords, bows, and even guns.

Colorful and fun 2D graphics

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This game retains the lovely and classic chibi design style of Soul Knight. But it is upgraded to deliver sharper and more realistic images. The game context also changes flexibly through each mission, bringing new unique enemies and battlefield images. The hero’s skills are also carefully polished to vividly display on the screen, making the battles impressive. Besides, the music is always cheerful and lively. It helps to highlight the sound of moves, making each action on the screen eye-catching and catchy.

How to install Soul Knight Prequel

Step 1: Soul Knight Prequel MOD APK is now available at Modded-1.com. Please click the link in this article to download it to your phone.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by clicking on it and selecting “Install.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy the fascinating role-playing battles.

Download Soul Knight Prequel APK for Android

So, what are you looking forward to in Soul Knight Prequel? This sequel brings many new points to bring Soul Knight gameplay back to the gaming market. Typical top-down action style and fun chibi graphic style will remind you of old memories. But new heroes, new maps, and visual upgrades will underpin your new story here.

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