Empire Takeover 2.1.4 APK + MOD [Mega Menu, 5+ Features] Download

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Update OnMarch 28, 2023
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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  • God Mode
  • One Hit
  • Speed UP
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Empire Takeover MOD APK is a simple but addictive strategy game. You will need to brainstorm ideas to help build your force and expand your territory. Just swipe on the screen to do it, what do you think?

Note: You can play many other games on Modded-1, like Heroes of the Dark and Era of Magic Wars.

Introduce about Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover – Win every level with your wisdom

Strategy games always attract a lot of mobile games, and Empire Takeover is also one of them. But it’s not massively violent wars, but simpler and more subtle. The game’s levels are built around puzzle mechanics and require your intellectual strategies to win. They’re not too difficult, but they’re not easy to overcome either. The level system will become more and more difficult with many challenging puzzles. It makes for an interesting journey where you have to progress over time.

Despite being a new title, this game quickly reached over 1 million installs on Google Play. Besides, it is highly appreciated by fans for its addictive gameplay and exquisite graphics. Everything is pretty cool for you to have a fun strategy experience on your phone. Don’t miss it to test your wits, expand your territory to more, and compete with many players.

Join the wars for territory

The game is set in a 2D fantasy world. There, nations are jostling for territory and power, sparking endless wars. Several gods were captured to serve the enemy’s desire for power. And you can’t stay out of those wars. Start with your small strongholds, attack your enemies to expand your territory, and rescue the gods. No need to do much, just use wisdom.

Gameplay is very simple. Each stronghold will have different stats on its head, representing its strength. The player’s job is to swipe on the screen to create paths from one castle to another, move troops and attack enemies. Make sure you’re making good use of your forces. Do not foolishly attack the castles with high stats, because of course, you will be robbed of your castle and lose. To win, gamers need to think more than compare stats. Sometimes, they can merge the troops in the castle together to create a general attack.

Military training

Empire Takeover has many military units of different classes, typically warriors, archers, wolf riders, and more. Each unit will have its own unique characteristics that determine its advantage on the battlefield. The player’s task is to gather them reasonably and consider the elements of defense and attack to give them an advantage. Besides, they also need to train the army to reach a higher level. Training time is usually quite long, but gamers can use diamonds to speed up the progress.

Besides, the game also brings an extremely powerful hero system. By awakening them, the player can bring them into the battlefield. Each hero will have stats with different values, including health, attack, defense, and more. You need to consider these stats when deciding to choose a certain hero. And of course, you will have to pay to recruit heroes and upgrade them over time. But it is worth it to increase your force strength significantly.

Expand the map

The game modes in Empire Takeover will lead gamers to many unique battlefields. Specifically, in “Stage Maker Mode”, players can design their own levels and share them with friends around the world. You can also view and join levels from other players. So it’s fun to compete in 1v1 battles on fresh maps that come from players’ own creations. Besides, if gamers participate in “Peace Mode”, they will have the opportunity to explore many other maps. And in “Offline” mode, they can play games without an Internet connection.

Simple but delicate and colorful graphics

Everything in the game looks very simple. Images of troops are designed in stickman style and are classified by basic colors. But it is enough to impress and match the preferences of the majority of players. The game background is always bright, the music is vibrant and the combat effects are also quite fun. So everything is fine for you to enjoy the strategy levels on your phone.

How to install Empire Takeover

Step 1: Click the “Download” link to download Empire Takeover MOD APK.

Step 2: Install the file by clicking “Install”.

Step 3: The installation will be quick, and you can open the game and enjoy it when the installation is finished.

Download Empire Takeover MOD APK for Android

Empire Takeover is an attractive strategy game. It has simple gameplay and design, but its appeal is not small at all. No need for thrilling activities like in many other strategy games, just your intelligence and swipes on the screen to play. Make an effort to conquer the combat levels with your calculation and creativity. Don’t hesitate to design fun levels, share them with friends and compete there together. Many attractive rewards are waiting for gamers to discover.


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