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Update OnJanuary 4, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK is one of the most outstanding zombie-inspired strategy games of the moment. In the game, you will transform into one of the lucky survivors after the harsh zombies epidemic. Please do everything quickly to ensure the life of yourself and those around you.

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Introduce about The Walking Dead: Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors – A survival strategy game inspired by the popular TV series

As the name suggests, The Walking Dead: Survivors is inspired by the popular TV series about zombies. This game is licensed by the author Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment of The Walking Dead series and developed by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. By joining the game, players will enjoy a fascinating post-apocalyptic survival war.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

Here, you will quickly recognize the attacks of zombies, so try to help your character always ensure safety. Every action you take in this deadly world is accompanied by a lot of specific situations. Are you ready to face the tough challenges that are waiting for you? Get the game through Google Play or App Store to do it as soon as you’re ready.

Face a large army of zombies

As mentioned, players will become the lucky survivors of the global zombies pandemic. Join The Walking Dead: Survivors, you will have to choose one of two groups of people, the builder, and the fighter. Each group of people will have different ways of functioning and roles. For example, the fighter will be integrated with powerful combat skills, specializing in developing weapons to fight zombies.

In contrast, builders specialize in the skills of exploitation, manufacturing, and sustainable construction to ensure living needs. Basically, both groups of players will support each other throughout the game to fend off attacks from zombies. Currently, this game only has an online multiplayer mode, where players from all over the world can join hands to fight zombies. Of course, you must have a constant internet connection to be able to play the game.

Fast and accurate combat maneuvers

The Walking Dead: Survivors requires players to meet a lot of factors to be able to survive in this harsh world. First, you need to possess the ability to fight skillfully along with deploying reasonable tactics in each match.

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Remember that enemies are not just ordinary zombies, sometimes they are equipped with powerful skills with infinite resistance. Therefore, you need to act quickly and accurately if you do not want to be approached. Besides, you should chat with your teammates to come up with the most effective attack plans.

Meet the necessities for survival

In this post-apocalyptic world, zombies will appear everywhere and can attack the lucky survivors continuously. Therefore, building a solid defense system is extremely necessary. The Walking Dead: Survivors provides players with suitable constructions such as fences, sharp traps, remote artillery systems, and more. Defensive buildings will have the effect of killing zombies and preventing them from getting close to humans.

Not only that, you need to continuously produce food to ensure the essential needs of the people here. You can start with seemingly simple tasks such as gathering food and finding clean water before thinking about more difficult actions. All of the above actions will help to provide enough food to survive in the long run. Besides, you can also improve the quality of your barracks by exploiting more rare resources such as gold, silver, rare meat, and more.

Outstanding graphics and sound

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The graphic quality of The Walking Dead: Survivors is guaranteed to be good through the built-in 3D format. By joining this game, you will admire the extremely eye-catching images to contribute to unforgettable experiences. The image of the enemy is designed very horror, along with that is the dark tone, enough to bring a sense of suspense throughout the game. In addition, the sound system is also expressed to the maximum. Thereby, players can easily transform into the battle for survival in the game through the soft but very attractive background music.

How to install The Walking Dead: Survivors

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD version of The Walking Dead: Survivors at Modded-1 by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on your mobile device and enable unknown sources. If you already have it enabled, please skip this step.

Step 3: Install the downloaded file and wait until it’s done.

Step 4: Open the game and play now.

Download The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK for Android

Can you overcome the threat of The Walking Dead: Survivors zombie horde? We believe that this exciting strategy game will give you an unforgettable experience right from the first time you enjoy it. Accordingly, the difficulty will increase in each stage, which will definitely make you face a lot of difficulties if you want to survive. Don’t worry, the appearance of the MOD version on our website with useful features will help you a lot in this survival process.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Only work in PvE


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