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Update OnAugust 5, 2022
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Evil Forest Ghost Escape MOD APK is a new horror game that promises many surprises that many gamers expect. Join it now to immerse yourself in your cold and lonely survival night. Can you survive the zombies and demons of this snowy night?

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Introduce about Evil Forest Ghost Escape

Evil Forest Ghost Escape – Survival and horror as one

If you are a fan of the horror series, why not try Evil Forest Ghost Escape? It is a fairly new name from the publisher Horror Mantis and currently has a registered version on Google Play. This game is not too different from other games of the same type on the market. However, it brings a new setting, a new storyline, where horror and survival merge into one.

Evil Forest Ghost Escape

Besides, it is built on a 3D platform with a first-person perspective, the images and sounds are very vivid, the movement is smooth. So it promises to satisfy you with a complete horror experience where you can find the ultimate feeling of terror and loneliness. Isn’t that what you look for in horror games? What are you waiting for? We provide this game for free at the link at the end of the article.

Immerse yourself in the monster forest

Evil Forest Ghost Escape gives you an exciting experience where you have to survive in the haunted forest. You wake up from a horrible crash and fall into a snowy forest late at night. Keep calm to get up and walk around, you might see something. People on your trip have died for unknown reasons, followed by a series of zombies with terrifying faces and screams. They are bloodthirsty and rush at you like a mad monster. So, what to do? Running is the best solution at the moment, and don’t look back. But players won’t be able to escape this scene by just running, so let’s find a better solution for the upcoming survival.

Players can explore the game environment by controlling the character with the joystick button on the left side of the screen. Try walking around and looking for something to defend against the demons. Fortunately, the game environment is also quite diverse, so gamers can find houses with many useful items. In addition, there are a number of other buildings such as telephone poles. So gamers can find faith in their harsh survival journey. But do not be subjective, enemies are everywhere, while you are alone.

Horror but like playing a puzzle

A feature of Evil Forest Ghost Escape is the type of horror gameplay combined with small puzzles. It requires players to decipher problems to find their way out. For example, you find a radio but it has run out of battery, so you need something to charge it with.

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You will have to constantly move on the map to find what you need, but you can’t sit still in the house, death will come by itself. Besides, this game also challenges gamers with harsh snow environments. You won’t know where you’re going if you don’t deliberately memorize it. The snow will make everything blurry, making it easy for gamers to fall into a deadlock. So, to survive, they need to have a clear plan.

Although the game context has not changed, players can feel its transformation. Through the first-person perspective, what is seen in front of the eyes becomes more real and vivid. Enemies won’t be everywhere but they are somewhere on the map. There will come a time when you have to encounter them on an adventure in search of repairs. So puzzles will lead you to adventure, the adventure will lead you to danger. The feeling of horror also gradually increased, making it easy for everyone to feel.

Realistic graphics, vivid sound

What makes the horror experience desirable in Evil Forest Ghost Escape? Those are realistic images, like trees, houses, snow, and especially zombies. Although there are not too many images, the game environment is also quite complete and detailed, enough to create many interesting adventures. Besides, the sound is the most important highlight, making you immerse in the real horror feeling.

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You can clearly hear the sound of cold wind, falling snow, or footsteps. Or when you encounter zombies, you can hear their screams. In particular, there is no background music integrated into the game. All sounds heard are from the player’s experience. That creates an indescribably realistic feeling, making it difficult for anyone who is already immersed in the game to stop.

How to install Evil Forest Ghost Escape

Step 1: Download Evil Forest Ghost Escape MOD APK at Modded-1 by clicking the link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on your mobile device and enable unknown settings. If you already have it enabled, please skip this step.

Step 3: Install the downloaded file and wait until it completes.

Step 4: Open the game and play it now.

Download Evil Forest Ghost Escape MOD APK for Android

Evil Forest Ghost Escape is a truly amazing horror experience. It is quite simple but convincing enough to make you immerse in the most thrilling experience moments. Adventure under the cold snow in the strange forest, trying to find items to repair the radio, hiding from the horror zombies. That’s what you need to do to conquer this game.

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