Phobies APK 1.5.1326.0 Download for Android [Full Version]

Smoking Gun Interactive Inc
Update OnNovember 9, 2022
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Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Phobies APK is an engaging card strategy game that allows players to explore endless battles. Here, you will have to summon fearsome cards to defeat all opponents in each battle. This is not a simple task, get ready to face the challenges that await.

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Introduce about Phobies

Phobies – Collect terrifying Phobies for your strategy


Phobies brings out the worst of human fears, where cards are depicted in the form of terrifying monsters. In the game, players will become their commanders, and at the same time implement different tactics with the aim of winning every war. Basically, this is a new product from the publisher Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. Even so, this game promises to make a strong impression on players around the world thanks to its signature card strategy gameplay. You should try downloading the game through the App Store or Google Play to become one of the earliest players.

The strategic gameplay

In the game, players will immediately get acquainted with the typical strategic gameplay through the available matches. Very simply, your task is to use your available cards to defeat all opponents at each level. In the beginning, everything will be relatively simple when the enemy does not possess too many outstanding stats. This is also the time when you will approach the strategy of fighting through the attractive battles available.

Remember that each Phobies character will have their own unique power, they will have different skills available for players to freely use. Therefore, you should carefully read the skill instructions of each type of soldier to be able to maximize their power. If you are a new player, we recommend that you focus on experiencing the available PvE mode to practice your tactical abilities.

More than 120 units to choose from

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Up to the present time, Phobies offers players more than 120 different units of soldiers to choose from quickly. All units in the game are built from human fears. So their shape is very characteristic and looks very scary. Accordingly, you can also easily unlock new characters or upgrade the strength of old characters to increase the advantage in each battle. All you need to do is simply collect valuable loot, then use them to upgrade your units continuously.

Unleash terrifying skills

The skills of the soldiers in Phobies will make you feel impressed with what is displayed on the screen. All skills in the game are inspired by our fears, so they are depicted as very scary with dark colors. Each character will have their own unique skills. So you need to use important skills at the right times to maximize effectiveness. At the same time, upgrading the power will help increase damage and skill influence in the next battles.

Many attractive modes

After getting familiar with the PvE mode, players can try to face different opponents around the world through various game modes. With the challenge solo mode, you can join the battle with any other opponent with stats equivalent to your strength. If you tend to be more competitive, try participating in Arena mode to prove your ability by defeating all other opponents.

Besides, Phobies allows players to experience anytime, anywhere as long as they keep a regular internet connection. Don’t forget to unlock seasonal and weekly prizes as you move up in the annual Mount Ego leaderboards. In general, new modes or new events are also continuously researched and will be added in the next updates.

Graphics with gloomy colors

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As mentioned, Phobies is inspired by human fears, so everything in the game is quite fancy and a bit dark. All the characters have scary expressions, giving players a sense of suspense during the experience. Moreover, the skillful effects and attacks of the characters also show a lot with different colors that will surely make you excited. After testing the game experience, we feel sympathetic to the display quality of this game and have nothing to complain about.

How to instal Phobies

Requires uninstalling Google Play, before continuing to install the version (APK & MOD) at our website. This makes the installation process error-free.

Step 1: Download Phobies APK version from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow the device to access unknown apps.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete. Click on the icon of the game to experience it immediately.

Download Phobies APK for Android

Phobies is a strategy game that requires players to show their thinking in order to win all wars. This game will bring fear that you have never thought of before through the details displayed on the screen. In addition, this game has just launched in the market so we believe it will be continuously improved in the near future.

Features MOD:

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