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Łukasz Jakowski
Update OnApril 7, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 4.0
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Age of History II MOD APK is a strategy game combined with attractive war elements on mobile. The main goal of the player is to use smart military and diplomatic tactics to conquer lands around the world. It sounds simple, but achieving the goal takes a lot of time and effort.

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Introduce about Age of History II

Age of History II – Strategy game inspired by large-scale wars

Controlling a large-scale war has never been easy for any general. In Age of History II, you will have the opportunity to discover the work of a true general by directing soldiers to participate in endless wars.

Age of History II

The special thing is that the publisher Łukasz Jakowski develops how to play in the form of a map. That is, all developments in the game take place on the map, from deploying battle plans to controlling soldiers. Although it is a paid game, Age of History II has achieved more than 100 thousand installs on Google Play. This is enough to prove the attraction that this game brings to players around the world.

Through many different civilizations

The setting of Age of History II is inspired by the history of the world where players will start from small tribes to more modern civilizations. Each period will have its own distinctive economic, social, technological, and world division characteristics. The common point of the periods is that wars always take place for their own purposes. The player’s task is to lead his army to win each battle to expand the territory and develop civilization for the nation. Overall, many interesting tasks are waiting for you to complete in this game to reach the end goal.

Observe the world map

The world map is one of the core elements that make Age of History II so enjoyable for many players. In this game, you will interact continuously with the world map to complete the assigned tasks. The world map has historical boundaries true to the original, initially simple details and will become more complex in the following stages.

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The borders of nations will constantly change according to the outcome of wars. Thanks to this map, players can create specific strategies to approach and conquer different lands. If you are not a lover of war, defend your territory with clever strategies and fend off other invading forces. Regardless of the strategy style you choose, you must refer to the map to navigate the enemy’s position and plan the appropriate battle.

View all information

Age of History II understands the importance of providing information to all players. Therefore, the information system will appear on the screen with all the necessary parameters for you to easily grasp. Typically, important information is country name, number, and the national flag is displayed on the screen very intuitively. Thanks to that, you will not need to guess information from the enemy, but just observe the information on the screen. Besides, this game also brings statistics tables of soldiers killed and remaining troops for you to understand the current situation.

Unify the countries of the world

The ultimate goal of the player when participating in Age of History II is to ensure order for all countries in the world. To do this, you are required to participate in fierce battles, along with the use of smart diplomacy. A world of peace or war will depend a lot on the player’s strategy, through which you also get a lot of historical knowledge from many civilizations in the world through this game.

Simple graphics

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Compared to other strategy games on the market, Age of History II is not so graphically outstanding. This game simply builds things through the world map that appears on the home screen. All strategies, diplomacy, and combat are simplified through simple icons on the screen. Therefore, you only need to touch the appropriate feature icons to be able to create the strategies you want with ease. Overall, this game has a fairly simple graphic design, but enough to make players feel satisfied.

How to install Age of History II

Step 1: Download the Age of History II (MOD Unlimited Money) version from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open unknown sources on your mobile device and give the app full access.

Step 3: Install the file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. Click on the icon available on the screen to play the game.

Download Age of History II MOD APK for Android

Age of History II will bring players fascinating wars in the history of all mankind. Not only that, but this game also provides historical knowledge that you have never learned before during the experience. If you feel this game is too difficult to complete, download our MOD version to win faster.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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