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Update OnDecember 26, 2022
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Head Strike APK is an addictive football game with all-new mechanics. You will participate in 1v1 football matches and help the players on the field make accurate headers into the opponent’s net. The matches will have no rules, you will do whatever it takes to win.

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Introduce about Head Strike

Head Strike – Football game inspired by divine headers

Experiencing football matches without rules in Head Strike will bring you absolute relaxation. Unlike other games of the same genre, this game allows players to control players on the field in many different ways. You can kick, bounce the ball, or head to the opponent for the purpose of scoring.

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Besides, the publisher HeroCraft Ltd also brings a lot of other interesting content waiting for you to discover. All you need to do is help the players on the field perform well to win the matches. Download Head Strike via the APK link below or on Google Play to enjoy it right away.

Participate in one-on-one football matches

Head Strike will bring you street football matches on a 1v1 scale. Join the game, you will face off against a single opponent and try to score as many goals as possible. At the end of the game time, the team that scores more goals wins the game. Of course, football competitions in the game will not have the intervention of the referee. So you can do whatever it takes to win without having to follow any rules. In general, the matches in the game are quite short so you can play the game whenever you want.

Control mechanism

It can be seen that the control mechanism in Head Strike is relatively accessible to any player audience. All on-screen operations are displayed through intuitive icons. You just need to touch to perform the desired actions. Accordingly, the left or right arrow button will help you navigate the character to move in the specified direction.

At the same time, three shoe icons on the right corner of the screen will help you perform the required action to shoot the ball. Besides, pay attention to your HP bar and your opponent to make appropriate choices. You can use your character’s skills to weaken the opponent and quickly score into their net.

Use special skills

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Each character in Head Strike will have their own special skills that players can take advantage of to score goals into the opponent’s net. Each skill will have a direct effect on the game to make things more interesting than ever. For example, when you use the skill Clone Goalkeeper, there will be a goalkeeper dummy appearing on your side of the goal. Thereby, he will effectively block shots from the opponent in a short time. In addition, some other special skills will disable the opponent for a short period of time to make it easier for you to score.

Unlock new characters

The character system in the game is also very diverse with the appearance of many impressive characters. Most of the characters are inspired by famous people so you will easily recognize their familiarity. It can be mentioned as the appearance of Joker, Ronaldo, Messi, and more. All are designed very specifically, no one is the same for players to choose quickly. Of course, you also have to own a certain amount of money to be able to unlock them.

Great achievements

It is indispensable for the outstanding titles in Head Strike for players to feel more attractive when experiencing. You need to perform well in each match, thereby winning and receiving titles from small to big. Gradually, tournaments with a larger scale will appear for players to explore their way. Believe me, you will get a lot of valuable rewards for winning titles in this game.

Simple graphics

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Head Strike is a game aimed at simplicity, so its graphics are also designed to be very accessible. You will immediately see simple and intuitive images appear on the screen. Accompanied by the details shown are very funny and suitable for many types of players. Moreover, the scenes of football matches will also change constantly to bring great entertainment moments. In addition, the fun sound system will also create an exciting football atmosphere in the matches.

How to install Head Strike

Step 1: Download the APK version of Head Strike which is available at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources to allow “Head Strike” to access your phone.

Step 3: Open the file Head Strike_MOD_modded – 1.com.apk. Select Install.

Step 4: After completing the installation, the “Head Strike” icon will appear on the screen. Just click to open the game and try it.

Download Head Strike APK for Android

Exciting 1v1 football matches are waiting for you to discover in Head Strike. Although only recently launched, this game will make you feel attracted from the first time you experience it. There have been improvements in terms of gameplay in this game, so you will not feel bored while playing.

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