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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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Super Baseball League APK brings players to competitive PvP baseball matches. You will have the opportunity to face other players around the world and do everything to help your team win each match. Download this game to enjoy the speed fight and the excitement of the baseball innings it has to offer.

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Introduce about Super Baseball League

Super Baseball League – Join the fun online PvP baseball battles

Exciting baseball matches are waiting for you to discover in the Super Baseball League. This is a sports game inspired by baseball from the publisher HAEGIN Co., Ltd. Join the game, you will enter 1v1 baseball matches against other good players around the globe.

Super Baseball League

All the mechanics that appear in the game follow the rules of traditional baseball, which will surely bring you an impressive experience. At the same time, the simple tap-and-hit arcade gameplay of this game makes things a lot simpler. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store to enjoy it now.

Lead the baseball team to victory

Super Baseball League allows players to participate in exciting baseball matches where they will try to beat other opponents in real-time. Baseball matches in this game will still follow the familiar rules of baseball. The goal of both teams is to score more runs than the opponent to win.

For the offensive team, the team members must try to hit the ball as far as possible, while running through the golf courses and back to the home plate to complete a run. Conversely, the defending team will make every effort to throw the ball so that the opponent’s batting player cannot return the ball or attempt to catch the ball before the opposing team reaches the goal. In general, the gameplay of the Super Baseball League has been simplified to make it easier for players to access.

The control mechanism is easy but hard to master

The one-touch control mechanism is also a notable highlight that makes this game more interesting. Whether on the offensive side or the defensive side, you just need to click on the visual icons on the screen to help the player perform the desired actions.

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This is all done automatically, and players will make decisive shots to decide the match. Before taking the shot, you should adjust the direction of the club, then tab into the crossbar to set the power of the stroke. Accordingly, you can easily control realistic baseball physics in this game but it will take a long time to master.

Create a team of the best players

The baseball player system in the Super Baseball League is relatively diverse with players with different appearance designs and stats. This game allows players to start by choosing the most suitable players and forming the best baseball team.

In the first stage, you have to accept with operating amateur baseball players to compete. Gradually, you can unlock better athletes to improve the skills of your squad. Before long, the players on the field could hit or throw the balls with greater accuracy, thereby gaining an advantage over the opponent.

Many attractive game modes

From the main menu, players can freely choose for themselves a suitable game mode among the available game modes. Each mode will have a relatively different operating method and rules. Typically some modes like Super league, World league, Situational drills, and Memory Fragments. But believe me, manipulative skills are the most important factor to help you win every match.

Besides, this game also integrates the Honor Score mechanism, which will make baseball games more competitive. You can use honor points to exchange for limited edition uniforms, Diane superstars, Supreme Boxes, and 10,000 Gold through the Honor Shop. Therefore, try to win all the matches that you participate in.

Simple and colorful graphic design

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Super Baseball League owns new beautiful graphics with built-in cartoon style. You will enjoy the visual baseball competitions with the appearance of lovable cartoon characters. Accompanying that are the cheers of the audience in the audience that will surely make everything more lively. In addition, you will discover new stadiums after each match to always feel new when experiencing.

How to install Super Baseball League

Step 1: Download Super Baseball League version APK from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: On your Android phone -> Go to the settings menu -> Select unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Install Super Baseball League_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the installation is complete. Click on the icon of the game to enjoy the dramatic baseball games.

Download Super Baseball League APK for Android

Super Baseball League is ready to help you discover exciting multiplayer baseball games. This game possesses many outstanding advantages, from attractive content to diverse tournaments that players can participate in. You need to show your impressive performance in order to get the best results in every match.

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