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HeroCraft Ltd
Update OnApril 20, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Pirates & Puzzles MOD APK is an idle strategy game that combines typical match-3 puzzle gameplay. Match similar objects to increase your attack and defense before going to war with another online pirate. You can lead this pirate leaderboard with uncountable glory and bonuses.

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Introduce about Pirates & Puzzles

Pirates & Puzzles – Pirate theme and puzzle merged into one

Pirates & Puzzles

Those who like the puzzle genre combining PvP battles must try Pirates & Puzzles, the game from the publisher HeroCraft. It is a fun and idle game for gamers not to fight directly but can still feel the heat of the battles. Try to become the king of the sea and enrich your leaderboard with glorious victories. The gameplay is a puzzle to fight, it’s so simple that children are also easily accessible. The pictures are fun and lovely, the sounds are lively and the backgrounds are unique. So this game will be quite great to play in your spare time or simply pass the time.

1v1 battles with match-3 gameplay

The main content of Pirates & Puzzles is idle battles where gamers fight directly with an online opponent. They happen in a simple way, but enough to make you nervous and hasty. Specifically, you choose β€œFight” and a random opponent will be chosen by the system (at any level but not too different from the player). Next, you have to solve a match-3 puzzle to increase your attack and defense for a certain amount of time (usually tens of seconds). At the end of the puzzle process, the battle will take place in a flash and gamers can see the results immediately.

But a fight will include many rounds. At the end of all rounds, victory will be decided. Whoever has more HP will be the overall winner and the reward will include ranking points and gold coins. The gameplay is very simple, isn’t it? But compared to other epic battles, it is also more attractive.

Especially when you have to solve puzzles in just a few dozen seconds, you will have to be quick. You don’t have to just mix and match, but you have to have a strategy. Match swords, explosive barrels, bombs to increase attack stats. Match shields to increase protection stats. So how to balance both stats in a short time? It’s time to show off your strategic puzzle skills.

Upgrade your pirate ship

Money earned from battles can be used to upgrade your ship. Upgrading is very important for players to reach a new level. At higher levels, their ships will increase stats in HP, defense, attack, and more. Thanks to that, gamers easily gain an advantage before the battle, as a basis for victory after the puzzle rounds. Besides, when leveling up, gamers will encounter many worthy opponents. At that time, the battles promise much more attractiveness and the rewards are also much better.

Fight, upgrade, and then fight. It’s like a loop, but it doesn’t stop and gets better and better. Gamers will have to accumulate experience to win in a flash. Win and rise to master the seas, then make your name at the top of the global online leaderboards. It seems to be a real rank war. So can you become the most respectable pirate?

Join a clan and play with friends

In Pirates & Puzzles, gamers can also join guilds to play with friends. The activities in the guild will be quite fun and the rewards are also very unique. Completing guild quests will make it easier for you to rank up, and can meet and make friends with like-minded players. Each guild will own a certain territory. So gamers will have the opportunity to fight for their territory to consolidate power.

The image and background are simple but attractive

As an idle game, everything in Pirates & Puzzles is also very simple. The character image is inspired by the pirate movie that is loved by many players. In addition, the icons on the puzzle board are also very unique, matching the game theme. The battlefield context is quite simple, with little transition but also attractive enough to attract gamers for a long time. Besides, the puzzle effects are pretty cool with eye-catching colors and sounds. It makes every touch on the screen more fun than ever.

Steps to install Pirates & Puzzles

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to go to the download page. After that, please wait a few seconds to start loading the game (Pirates & Puzzles MOD or APK file).

Step 2: After the download is complete, gamers need to install the file by selecting β€œInstall”.

Step 3: After installation is complete, gamers can open the game and enjoy it right on their phones.

If the installation does not take place, please check in the β€œsettings” of your phone and enable the setting of unknown sources. Then proceed from step 3 again.

Download Pirates & Puzzles MOD APK for Android

If you have a need to play games to relax gently, then Pirates & Puzzles will be an interesting choice. Classic puzzle gameplay combined with a pirate theme and online idle battles. It will bring you many surprises after touches and matching on the screen. Play and conquer online opponents to rank up with friends. What are you waiting for?

Features MOD:

  • Free Items

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