Farland: Epic Farm Village APK 1.21.0 [Full Game] Download for Android

QuartSoft AG
Update OnMarch 23, 2023
MOD FeaturesNo
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 8.0
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Farland: Epic Farm Village APK will bring you fun farm management experiences right on mobile devices. This game owns attractive farm gameplay, along with a lot of interesting content waiting for you to explore. Accordingly, you will do everything to help the wild lands become more prosperous.

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Introduce about Farland: Epic Farm Village

Farland: Epic Farm Village – The game has many similarities with other farm games

Temporarily forgetting the fatigue in life, returning to the peaceful countryside in Farland: Epic Farm Village will help you feel that everything becomes lighter and more comfortable. By joining this game, players will start by restoring a barren land with various farm activities.

Publisher QuartSoft AG offers players a lot of activities to explore. You can start by building a farm to collect agricultural products, build structures for life, explore new lands, and more. Overall, this is a brand new game. You should download it through Google Play to experience it right away.

Grow and harvest nutritious agricultural products

Farland: Epic Farm Village is developed in a familiar management and simulation style. Here, you will start your work by planting and harvesting agricultural products to develop your farm. First, you need to learn about the characteristics of each type of soil to grow the right plants.

Basically, farm work in the game does not require too much skill from the player. But you need to work hard to harvest crops and take care of livestock and poultry at the right time. If not completed on time, productivity will be lost, leading to insignificant profit followed by a series of other jobs delayed. In addition, the gameplay of this game is relatively simple. You just need to touch the icons on the screen to develop the farm as you like.

Get creative with lots of farm decorations

There are many built-in farm decorations in this game that allow the player the freedom to be as creative as he wants. Of course, you will use the profits from the sale of agricultural products to buy or unlock new buildings on your land. Moreover, Farland: Epic Farm Village offers a fairly large area of ​​land. From there, it helps you to easily build a lot without having to spend too much money to expand the area. Besides, new decorations will be continuously added to give players more options in the future.

Trade with other settlements

The interactive element will make Farland: Epic Farm Village more interesting. You can trade and trade agricultural products with other settlements to become rich in this game. Of course, trading is not always what you want, but be a smart trader to get the most profit. At the same time, you can also exchange goods with neighboring areas to own the agricultural products you are looking for. In general, bartering and trading with others will help your farm grow faster.

Explore new territories

Not only stopping at a specific land, Farland: Epic Farm Village allows players to freely explore many different territories. Each territory will help you learn about the history of the Farland land and develop the settlement optimally. Through the journey, you will better understand the stories, the content is integrated in a smart way. Sometimes you will have to face some kind of wild animals and tame them to get yourself a pet.

Sharp graphics with cartoon style

Like most other farm games, the graphics in Farland: Epic Farm Village are also a real highlight that makes it more attractive. Accordingly, all the details are described in a vivid cartoon-style accompanied by many different environments and activities. Thereby, the game gives players the feeling of being immersed in a miniature society when experiencing the game. Moreover, the game is quite light and does not require too high of a device configuration. So you can play the game stably on many different devices.

How to install Farland: Epic Farm Village

Step 1: Please check and uninstall other versions of Farland: Epic Farm Village if available.

Step 2: Download the game through the “Download” link in this article.

Step 3: Install the game and enjoy it on your Android phone.

If you have any questions regarding the download or installation process, please contact us to be resolved them as soon as possible.

Download Farland: Epic Farm Village APK for Android

Are you ready to play and build your own farm? Farland: Epic Farm Village allows you to design and develop a farm in your own style. This is a simple farm game full of attractive elements that will definitely not let you down. Do everything you can to turn the barren land into a rich farm empire and continuously develop new business activities.


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