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Bermuda Adventures Farm Island APK is the place to enjoy puzzles and adventure gameplay. After a plane crash, your family is lost on the mysterious island of Bermuda. Now you need to build a new life on the island to survive and explore. You can adventure across many lands to meet and interact with the island’s inhabitants.

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Introduce about Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island – Farm building and adventure gameplay

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

If you are looking for a farm simulation game, Bermuda Adventures Farm Island will satisfy you right away. It is a 2D simulation game that has reached over 5 million installs on Google Play. It is free for you to download to your phone and enjoy the unprecedented adventure. With a friendly and unique design, the game helps every player relax for hours of experience. Moreover, it is built on a complete storyline that can be extended to infinity. The longer you play, the richer and more unique everything becomes. Therefore, you can keep the game for a long time to access it anytime, anywhere.


Your family has planned a vacation on a tropical island paradise for grandma’s birthday. But unfortunately, the family plane lost control and made an emergency landing on the mysterious island of Bermuda. Now, family members are scattered. You need to help them find each other and build a new life to survive and explore the island before getting help from the rescue team. Don’t hesitate, this is a simulation, adventure, and survival experience at the same time. Gamers need to work hard to build the island and prepare for all the needs of the family.

Build island life

The island of Bermuda is a place full of mysteries but also rich in resources. It has long white sandy beaches and fertile land suitable for farming. Therefore, gamers can immediately start planting to provide food for the family. They can grow rice, corn, potatoes, vegetables, fruit trees, and more. From a small plot of land to a large farm, is it possible? There will be dozens of quests to get that in your experience.

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Besides, your family needs a safe haven. Therefore, players need to start building houses from collected and harvested wood pieces. In addition, they need to explore the island in search of other tools and materials. They need hammers to smash rocks and clear fields, get land for farming, raise livestock, and build houses. Furthermore, processing plants are needed to turn agricultural products into food. Animal husbandry is also a good area for you to get fur, meat, and eggs from sheep, pigs, and chickens. In particular, do not miss the agricultural trade with other residents on the island.

Character design

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island gives you a lot of cool things to do with character design. You can find accessories and costumes scattered across the island or exchange agricultural products to buy clothes. They will help the character in the game become more impressive than ever with pants, tops, glasses, shoes, and more. This exploratory adventure is more fun than ever with pretty faces, isn’t it?

Non-stop exploration and adventure

The island of Bermuda consists of many different areas. When players reach a certain level, they can unlock a new area. New places will bring new resources to expand your farm, processing area, and trade chain. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet other inhabitants of the island and countless interesting stories about them. Exploratory adventures are always risky but inspiring. So any gamer doesn’t want to stop because new things are always unlocked every day. Moreover, the further you go, the more opportunities you have to develop the island. You can even build a tropical paradise here.

Nice and fun design

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This simulation game will help gamers relax every time they play. Because it is designed with beautiful and colorful images. The experience space is always bright and diverse, covering many different areas and locations. Gamers always have the opportunity to adventure in many places and explore the beautiful landscape on the island. Character images with chibi design also create friendliness and closeness. Music with a clear and vibrant melody will contribute to stimulating your inspiration.

How to install Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Step 1: Please check and uninstall other versions of Bermuda Adventures Farm Island if available.

Step 2: Download the game through the “Download” link in this article.

Step 3: Install the game and enjoy it on your Android phone.

Download Bermuda Adventures Farm Island APK for Android

Are you ready to be part of the adventure story in Bermuda Adventures Farm Island? This is the place to satisfy your taste for farming, trading, and exploration. You have dozens of quests every day to help build the island and life of your dreams. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and spend your vacation time on the farm and the romantic beaches here. Do everything to create agricultural products, houses, and processing factories and trade to earn money. Moreover, adventure and exploration can also become your passion.

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