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Have you ever thought about setting foot in the frozen land and building your own empire? Frozen City APK will make your wishes come true immediately through the attractive simulation content available. What will you do when you become the head of land covered with white snow?

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Introduce about Frozen City

Frozen City – Town building simulation game on frozen land

Frozen City

The constant appearance of blizzards makes the apocalypse closer to humans. Most of life around the world is covered with white snow, making all human activities more stagnant than ever. In Frozen City, the player will become the head of one of the last lands on Earth.

Your task is to create key structures to help people get out of the current situation as soon as possible. A lot of work for you is published by Century Games Pte. Ltd added in this game. Typically, you can gather resources, assign workers, explore new lands, and more. Download this game via the APK link below this article or Google Play to play it now.

Build your own town

The setting in Frozen City brings dangers to humans through powerful blizzards. The whole scene is frozen and there is no specific time to return to the original state. As a leader, it is your responsibility to rebuild the town from its inception through a variety of activities.

Utilize all available resources to develop this place into developed land. More specifically, players will have to direct villagers to gather resources, explore wild environments, meet people’s needs, and more. There will be a lot of work that you have to complete in this game. Don’t worry, the initial instructions will help you play the game easier.

Reasonable division of labor

As mentioned above, Frozen City offers a lot of different activities that require players to complete in order to meet the full development of the town. Your most important task is to assign appropriate jobs to each resident here. They can perform different jobs such as hunters, cooks, workers, and more.

After things gradually become more developed, it is time to expand the town. For example, you can build more settlements to attract more people to live in your town. Or you can also develop the group of survivors by providing living items and setting a reasonable production rate. Overall, Frozen City offers a lot of elements to improve the functioning of the town. Try any content you want until you find the right development direction.

Meeting people’s needs

People are the main productive force in this game so you need to make sure they always feel satisfied with life in this place. Each resident will have different advantages to help him complete some specific tasks. Of course, you should pay attention to their physical as well as mental health so that the development process is always sustainable. For example, when the temperature is too low, they can get sick, or the food portion is too small, making them not have enough energy to work.

Develop your military system

Battles are inevitable in Frozen City. Players need to use available resources to develop a powerful army with the task of ensuring the safety of their land. Recruit the best people from all over the world to own a strong army. They not only help ensure safety but also help you to expand the growth area of ​​your land. At the same time, you can also send your troops out to adventure and collect more useful items. Exploring the surrounding wilderness will give you a lot of interesting stories.

Simple but appropriate graphics

Frozen City does not possess the same high-quality graphics as games of the same genre. Accordingly, all the details in the game are built in a traditional simple style. Players will see the details that are not too clear on the screen, but still enough to feel the harsh environment around and the extraordinary energy of the people here. Besides, the sound in the game is also shown quite well. Although simply the sounds emitted from the activity in the town combined with the background music, it is still enough to make the player feel impressed.

How to install Frozen City

Step 1: Download the APK version of Frozen City from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow the device to access unknown sources if this is the first time installing the APK file.

Step 3: Click the Install button on the main screen.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, the Frozen City icon will appear, touch it to experience it right away.

Download Frozen City APK for Android

It’s time for you to show off your commanding talents by creating a thriving town in Frozen City. There are many different methods to survive in this game, you simply divide the roles appropriately for the people around. Do not forget to pay attention to their health problems by making appropriate changes.

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