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Terry Cavanagh
Update OnSeptember 13, 2022
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Dicey Dungeons APK is an RPG game with battles against fate from the protagonist’s perspective. You will transform into a walking dice and must do everything to escape the dungeon that the villain Lady Luck has prepared. You should first refer to this article to better understand the game.

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Introduce about Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons – RPG game set in diverse dungeons

Joining the bizarre gameshow of the witch Lady Luck in Dicey Dungeons will bring you a lot of new experiences. This is essentially an RPG fighting game combined with dice elements from publisher Terry Cavanagh. Here, you will take turns confronting monsters, looking for valuable loot, and helping your character become stronger and stronger.

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Things will not be simple in this game, you need to come up with the right strategy in each specific situation. Note, Dicey Dungeons is a paid game on Google Play and App Store, you will have to spend an equivalent amount of $ 4.99 to download. Get ready to enter uncompromising battles and help the protagonist escape the dungeon now.

Mystery gameshow hosted by Lady Luck

Dicey Dungeons is set in a mysterious gameshow organized by Lady Luck and you are one of the participants. She is a powerful witch because she is too bored to be a host. So she creates a lot of strange game shows for people around to participate in. Suddenly, she turned ordinary people into dice. All have been used by her with magic and thrown into the dark dungeons, only whoever wins this gameshow will escape the dungeon.

The special thing is that everything in Dicey Dungeons is completely random from beginning to end and no one can predict what is about to happen. You will feel the constantly changing dungeons, monsters, items along the way, and more. At the same time, things will constantly become more difficult, so you should use your maximum thinking to win.

Role-play into a giant dice

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Dicey Dungeons allows players to transform into one of six different dice characters. Each warrior will have a unique fighting style and ability that promises to make you feel excited. Here is basic information about each fighter that you may be interested in:

  • Thief: His ability is to steal random enemy equipment during each turn.
  • Robot: He will play Blackjack by chance to find his own dice.
  • Inventor: This is a dice that can create new devices with your own creativity and knowledge. He can also destroy old equipment to create new more powerful ones.
  • Witch: Witch has the ability to use powerful magic, attacking other characters from long distances.

And you can log into the game to explore the clown and warrior characters.

How to play is simple but hard to win

Simplicity is the factor that Dicey Dungeons aims to help players get used to quickly. Accordingly, you will enter the dungeon, destroy other monsters and collect loot to increase the hero’s strength. Depending on the strategy, each person will have their own ways of fighting and developing in this game.

Although the mechanics of the game depend a lot on the luck of the dice, it’s not all. You need to calculate constantly and think of the worst situations that you have to face to solve in a favorable way. Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to open new types of dice after completing the previous level. In general, you will have to spend about 20 minutes for each level in this game.

Vivid graphics and sound

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The graphic quality of Dicey Dungeons is quite good through the details designed in a cartoon style. When you first experience it, you will immediately see lovely images appear on the screen accompanied by a vivid color system combined with a lot of available details. Besides, the table is designed quite creatively, there seems to be no limit in this game. Moreover, the sound quality is also quite good with lively background music that promises to give you a lot of energy when playing.

How to install Dicey Dungeons

Step 1: Dicey Dungeons is available on our website with the original APK version. Click the link below the article to download.

Step 2: The install button will show up on the screen when the download is complete. Click on it to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Finally, you can log into the game by clicking on the game’s icon available on the screen.

Note: The MOD version of Dicey Dungeons will be updated in this article as soon as possible.

Download Dicey Dungeons APK for Android

Dicey Dungeons is a pretty funny game through the elements it brings. In this game, you need to master each character and find the warrior that best suits your style to maximize the power they bring. Can you master the battle in the dungeon in this game? Of course, everything will depend on your luck too.

Features MOD:

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