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Update OnMarch 17, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Eversoul APK is a gacha RPG game scheduled to be released in 2023. It will take you on an epic adventure in a fantasy parallel world. You will play as your favorite character and enjoy this adventure with many beautiful NPCs. It promises to be an unforgettable journey on your mobile.

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Introduce about Eversoul

Eversoul – Visual role-playing game with anime open world

Since the release of the trailer, Eversoul has received the attention of a large number of gamers around the world. It is rated by many as the best gacha game in 2023 on both mobile and PC. Why is it so highly rated? First of all, this game is built with a compelling storyline revolving around a 3D fantasy parallel world. Next, it owns a beautiful cast of characters with a charming appearance and a diverse skill system. Moreover, it is designed with high-quality 3D graphics. Thanks to that, it will provide a perfect RPG experience.

Enjoy the epic fighting adventure

Join the game, you have the right to choose and design your character. Next, your character will become part of a group of heroes who will protect the parallel world from dangers. The gamer’s journey revolves around the character and her friends. That journey experienced many fascinating battles with strategic elements. Before joining the battle, gamers need to gather all 5 heroes. They will enter the war against enemies who want to destroy the world.

Each hero is called a “soul” in this game. They can come from many different universes and possess their own powers. Gamers need to explore them to find powerful combinations. During the battle, they can control each character through the corresponding card. When the hero has full energy, you just need to touch the card to activate its special ability. The battles are always exciting and colorful. They get more and more interesting as the level goes up.

The very nice anime character system

Eversoul brings a great character system with anime design. This cast of characters is the highlight that makes the game attractive. It has 6 different clans including Human, Beast, Fairy, Undead, Angel, and Demon. Each clan has its own characteristics in appearance color, personality, and skills. In particular, each character in each clan has a sweet or seductive beauty. It will make you fascinated every time you role-play or interact with the NPC system.

Not only that, each character will give you a sense of action. Some will favor physical attacks, others will favor magic attacks. The skills and accompanying effects of each character also make a difference. Despite the many differences, the characters can be perfectly matched. Gamers can put them in the squad and see the skill combo combination. The effect of combos will surprise you with its grandeur. Moreover, gamers can upgrade the character to improve its experience points, level, and attributes.

Adventure through various settings

Eversoul is not just an immersive experience but a complete adventure story. It is built in the vast and detailed fantasy open world. New areas are unlocked continuously as the level progresses. Each area will have its own enemies and many mysteries. Moreover, its beautiful scenery can make every gamer fall in love. You should move more to explore more.

Explore available modes

This game has two main modes, PvE and PvP. In PvE mode, players will role-play and explore the original story through chapters. Meanwhile, in PvP mode, they can co-op with friends in the clan. Everyone can fight bosses together, explore mazes, and adventure through every land. In PvP mode, the game provides leaderboards to rank every gamer.

Excellent 3D anime design

Eversoul will not let you down with its breathtakingly beautiful anime design. It brings a huge world with many different areas and contexts. That world comes to life with bright colors and realistic backgrounds. Besides, the anime character system is even better. Each character has a charming beauty and stunning skill effects. You will see how great they look in 3D cut scenes. Moreover, each character also has a detailed dialogue for you to follow in its story.

How to install Eversoul

Step 1: You can download Eversoul (APK version) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open Settings on your device and enable the Unknown Source feature. If you have it enabled, please skip this step.

Step 3: Open the Eversoul_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file and select “install”.

Step 4: After installing the game, you can play it right away.

Download Eversoul APK for Android

Don’t hesitate to enjoy a Visual RPG game like Eversoul. It will make you fall in love with its realistic role-playing experience and beautiful anime design. Now is the time to accompany the souls on the most epic adventure. It is you who will decide the outcome of the wars and the relationship with the spirits. A fanciful world with many mysteries is waiting for you to discover here.


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