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Update OnNovember 15, 2022
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The Wild Darkness APK is a Role-Playing that will bring a new life that you have never experienced before. This is the latest game also the first from the publisher Popeyed. Join this exciting adventure right now by downloading the game via the below article.

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Introduce about The Wild Darkness

Survival games, or even reality-style TV shows about survival style, received a lot of love from everyone. Most programs or survival games have an interesting element, along with many obstacles that require people to overcome if they want to survive.

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The Wild Darkness is also a game like that, it brings players to a very strange forest and completely separate from the real world. This means that you will have to fight everything, and make use of the resources available in this forest to be able to survive as long as possible. So when placed in this difficult situation, what can you do to protect yourself? The answer will be throughout the experience of this game.


Although it is a “late birth” product, the publisher Popeyed still knows how to bring unique and new highlights to his latest product. The proof is that players will experience life in primitive times, a period when great technological inventions were not born. Therefore, you will experience the most rudimentary lifestyle possible in the process of experiencing this game.

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The Wild Darkness does not incorporate a clear story or specific context. The main job of the player in this game is to collect available resources, craft the necessary tools, and protect their own safety. Besides, you need to build yourself a safe shelter and upgrade it regularly. This will help you avoid direct threats from nature or monsters that appear at night.

Ensure survival index

Basically, the main character will possess certain survival stats. When his health drops to 0, it means that your adventure will end. However, dying is not the end because The Wild Darkness allows the player to start over.

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Therefore, food is the most important factor to help your character survive this dangerous adventure. Therefore, be diligent in finding the necessary foods to help your character in the best condition. Besides, carrying cooked foods with you can also help you heal wounds, or even replenish your fitness after a long journey.

Craft necessary tool

In The Wild Darkness, players need to gather available resources to craft the necessary tools if they want to ensure the life of the main character. First, you need to own important tools such as hammers or axes to be able to harvest wood and craft important weapons in this game. Gradually, players can unlock more useful tools after a certain amount of time. Overall, there are a lot of tools built into this game that allow you to freely craft to suit your needs.

Making fire

Fire is an extremely important factor to ensure the safety of players against threats at night. As can be seen, the time in The Wild Darkness will pass relatively quickly. But it will slow down in the evening to make the player’s survival experience more enjoyable.

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In other cases, dangerous creatures will wake up at night and reach their maximum strength. However, by just keeping the flames bright, you can significantly reduce their power. Therefore, always keep the fire inside the torch always be lit until morning if you want to explore the forest at night.

3D graphics

The Wild Darkness is integrated with an extremely realistic and beautiful 3D graphics format. This will help players easily feel life from the first experience. The environment system in the game is in great detail and clarity, along with a familiar cartoon-style design that promises to make you feel like you are immersed in the game in a real way.

Basically, the visual system in this game is integrated relatively dark to better suit the process of survival in the dark forest. Overall, the display quality of The Wild Darkness certainly won’t disappoint with what it offers.

How to install The Wild Darkness

Step 1: Download the file The Wild Darkness (APK or MOD) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file The Wild Darkness.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download The Wild Darkness APK for Android

The Wild Darkness is really an incredible combination of many different game genres. This will bring a lot of interesting content that allows players to spend more time exploring and experiencing. Join the game, players will discover a vast forest with potential dangers ready to destroy you at any time. Show your ability to survive by making the right decisions in each specific situation.

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