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Update OnAugust 29, 2022
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Tamashi: Rise of Yokai APK is an action role-playing game set in a bold Japanese style. By joining the game, you will be taken to the dreamy Glamland land which contains many dangers. You will accompany the main character to solve all the difficulties.

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Introduce about Tamashi: Rise of Yokai

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai – A 3D MMOARPG game for players become demon slayers

After a lot of waiting, Tamashi: Rise of Yokai has officially released on both Android and iOS platforms with the most complete version. This is an MMOARPG game that is well worth enjoying today with the highlights available. Here, the player will become a demon hunter and accompany Yokai and Tamashi. You need to do everything to help the land of Glamland in the game get rid of the domination of the Demon King and his minions.

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai

Accordingly, this is a prominent product from the publisher EYOUGAME(USS). They have launched many successful RPG products in the game market, so you can be assured of what Tamashi: Rise of Yokai has to offer. Although only recently launched, this game has quickly reached more than 100,000 installs along with 4.8 ratings on Google Play.

Characteristic MMORPG gameplay

It can be seen that Tamashi: Rise of Yokai has the same gameplay as the MMORPG genre, so you can easily get acquainted from the first experience. Before starting, players will choose one of three character classes Samurai, Onmyoji, and Cannoneer. Each character in the game will have 6 separate power indicators, including Range, Combo, Survive, Mobile, Burst, and Distance. These stats will help you easily choose the character class that best suits your fighting style.

After successfully choosing a character, players will begin to explore the large open world in the game through a diverse mission system. The main activities are quite simple. You just need to complete the assigned tasks to receive worthy rewards. From there, use these rewards to upgrade and strengthen your character. Gradually, other activities will constantly appear to keep you interested.

Control mechanism by joystick

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The way to control with a virtual joystick is considered the common standard of most RPG games at the moment. Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is no exception. This game is aimed at simplicity in control. Thanks to that, players can control their characters to move easily, thereby performing attack actions through the built-in skill icons. In general, the skill sets of the characters in the game are not too diverse, but enough for you to combine to create beautiful combos.

Lots of interesting game modes

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai gives players a lot of attractive game modes with different operating methods. You can participate in the top arenas, Clan battles, or many other PvP modes to assert your strength. Each game mode will have requirements to play alone or play with friends, so choose according to your own preferences.

If you want, you can also join the new Battle Royale mode. Here, your task is to collect food that appears randomly on the map and devours other opponents. Try to be the person with the highest weight to win this mode.

Exciting activities available

Besides the factors mentioned above, this game also includes a lot of interesting activities available waiting for you to explore. For example, you can find the true love of your life through the built-in matchmaking feature, or choosing the right mounts, diverse clone system, ranking system, Boss battle, and more. In addition, new activities will be added regularly to increase the experience for players.

Unique 3D graphics

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The Japanese anime style is the core element of Tamashi: Rise of Yokai’s attractive graphics. The developers have succeeded in creating a large open world with poetic architectural landscapes in this game. Moreover, the character system along with combat effects is also very beautiful thanks to the built-in 3D graphics format. Besides, diverse sound effects are also one of the factors that make this game more attractive.

How to install Tamashi: Rise of Yokai

Step 1: You need to remove the original APK or the Google Play version if installed before.

Step 2: Download the APK version of Tamashi: Rise of Yokai at the end of this article.

Step 3: Install the APK process and press “OK” to start the game installation process.

Step 4: When the process is finished, the game logo “Tamashi: Rise of Yokai by MODDED-1.COM” will appear. Continue to access the game experience, wish you happy gaming.

Download Tamashi: Rise of Yokai APK for Android

Although the gameplay of Tamashi: Rise of Yokai has not changed too much compared to products of the same genre, we believe that it will make players feel hooked right from the first time enjoying it. If you are a lover of the RPG genre combined with Japanese anime graphic style, this game will be the choice not to be missed. Currently, you can download this game through the APK link below the article.

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