Dungeon Realms APK 1.8.0 [Full Game] Download for Android

Fireball Inc.
Update OnJanuary 30, 2023
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Dungeon Realms APK is an RPG game that combines a lot of different outstanding elements. You will enjoy the character board, dice rolling, chat, and more in this game. All are shown very carefully, giving players the feeling that they are enjoying many games of many genres at the same time.

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Introduce about Dungeon Realms

Dungeon Realms – RPG game combined with various genres

Dungeon Realms

Your immersive experiences will be taken to the next level when enjoying Dungeon Realms. This is a mobile RPG game from the publisher Fireball Inc. All the attractive elements of different game genres have been fully synthesized in this game that promises to bring you extremely impressive experiences.

The publisher has arranged all available elements in a logical way so that players can feel the available content in the most intuitive way. You do not need to grasp any rules or calculations when playing this game. Just make choices based on your wishes to feel the fun of playing the game. Dungeon Realms is currently available on Google Play, please download it now.

How it works

As mentioned, Dungeon Realms is a synthesis of many different game genres, so you need to understand the rules of the game to feel the content most clearly. Basically, players need to pay attention to the appearance of the Game Master during the experience. It’s like a guide system that helps you better understand the content related to the stories you are discovering.

In some cases, you need to complete the challenges set by the Game Master to continue the story progression. Remember that Game Master is played asynchronously in stories and is influenced by dice rolling, statistics management, and many other factors. You just need to pay attention to the content on the screen and play the game according to the instructions of the Game Master.

Player’s mission

The player’s tasks in Dungeon Realms will have certain changes in specific cases. In it, you’ll have to roll the dice, browse spells, access class features, and many other stats. In some cases, you will have to confront enemies on your journey.

This is an important time for you to use the right equipment and armor to protect your safety. Don’t forget to accept an invitation from Game Master to join an existing campaign or sign up for a campaign of your choice. All operations in this game are done through a simple one-touch operation on the screen. You will rely on these manipulations to develop the story in your own way.

Important dice-rolling mechanics

The dice rolling mechanism in Dungeon Realms is extremely important, it directly affects the development and exploration progress of players. Accordingly, the entire process of rolling the dice will take place completely at random without any control from the player. Depending on the results of the dice roll, the story in the game will have a certain change. Typically, it can directly affect abilities, skills, throws, attacks, initiatives, and more. You need to follow the results of the dice rolls to complete the requirements from the system.

Diverse content to explore

The content in Dungeon Realms is really diverse with many elements waiting for players to discover. Typically, it has 200 items, more than 240 monsters, more than 100 characters appear, and much more. Each campaign has its own characteristics for players to explore freely. Therefore, it will take you a lot of time to be able to learn all the content available in this game. Not only stopping there, but new content will also be added in the future promising to bring players more engaging experiences.

Unique illustrations

Most of the content in Dungeon Realms is represented through still images. This partly helps players focus more on the main story taking place in each different campaign. Accordingly, unique illustrations continuously appear on the screen to fully describe the main content of the campaign that you are exploring. Also, it has featured text and icons that are displayed extremely vividly on the screen. All elements are very well-organized that will surely make you feel satisfied.

How to install Dungeon Realms

Step 1: You can download Dungeon Realms APK via the “Download” link at the bottom of the article. Once downloaded, you will get the .apk file.

Step 2: Click on the file and install it.

Step 3: Wait for a moment for the installation to complete. The game will then be ready to play right on your phone.

Download Dungeon Realms APK for Android

There are many surprises waiting for you to discover in Dungeon Realms. Just by making the right choices, you can help your character grow even more. In addition to the above features, other elements such as the map builder and improved mechanics are in the process of being finalized and will be released soon.

Features MOD:

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