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Update OnMarch 28, 2022
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A journey to the Middle Ages awaits your discovery in Hero Tale. This game gives you new lands with many challenges, thereby becoming a true hero and fighting evil forces. Before you start, you should refer to this article to better understand the game.

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Introduce about Hero Tale

Hero Tale – The brave knight and his journey in the Middle Ages

The medieval era of the West has always brought endless inspiration to game publishers and players around the world. Coming to Hero Tale, players will discover new lands with the appearance of magnificent castles. This is also the time when you have to fight against evil forces to protect the kingdom. This game allows a player to transform into a brave knight. He always wants to devote himself to the kingdom without fear of immediate difficulties.

Hero Tale

Basically, Weird Johnny Studio is releasing its work in early access. Therefore, you can experience the game right now through the App Store or Google Play before enjoying the official version in the near future. Player contributions during this period will help the publisher improve, thereby upgrading various content to give you the best experience.

New gameplay and context

Hero Tale gives players a journey in a boy’s imagination. Everything this boy has in mind comes true, even a medieval adventure with many strange things awaits. The player’s task is simply to defeat the evil spirits along the way to protect the peace of the villagers. Initially, the boy was only equipped with rudimentary weapons to fight enemies from strong to weak. Gradually, the skill system will unlock, and you can gradually upgrade your fighting skills as well as collect the necessary materials.

Basically, you will not be alone in this journey, but also with the help of a god. Through his tutorials, you will learn how to pass the levels more easily. Of course, you will have to use your reasoning ability when playing the game because no one can help you forever. Later, the levels in the game will be more interesting and dramatic. But you need to make sure that you have to win to be able to continue.

Simple operation

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The control method in Hero Tale possesses the traditional simplicity of the familiar idle game series. This means that you will have to use your thinking ability to win in the end. First, players will start with analyzing the character’s strength, find out the enemy’s weaknesses, and upgrade weapons according to the right route. Remember that each of your enemies in the game will have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, upgrading weapons or skills plays a relatively important role in the outcome of the battle. All the operation that the player does in this game is simply touching the icons on the screen at the right time.

Optimizing the character’s strength

Any role-playing game on the game market also possesses an element of power upgrade, Hero Tale is no exception. Coming to this game, you need to complete the assigned tasks to own valuable loot. From there, receive a large amount of experience to upgrade the character’s skills. The character’s skill points need to be distributed reasonably in each moment. If you add skill points randomly, your character will easily lose when confronting a powerful Boss.

In addition, Hero Tale also allows players to freely choose the enemy in each battle. The stronger the enemy, the more loot you will receive when you win, but in return, they are very difficult to defeat. The more you win, the more items in your inventory will increase, promising to bring optimal strength to the main character.

Simple but very sharp 2D graphics

It’s quite a pity that the graphics quality of Hero Tale only stops at the usual 2D like previous role-playing games. However, the sharpness in the new design is what this game is about.

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Join the game, you will enjoy an interesting journey with a very reasonable description. In addition, there are quite a few different characters appearing on the screen that will definitely keep you hooked. Are you ready to transform into a brave knight and defeat all enemies?

How to install Hero Tales

Step 1: Download the Hero Tale version (APK or MOD) developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings. Allow the game β€œHero Tale” to access settings on mobile devices.

Step 3: Open the file Hero Tale _MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select the available settings on the screen to proceed with the installation.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions. Then, touch the game’s icon for a quick experience.

Download Hero Tales MOD APK for Android

Hero Tale is an interesting role-playing game with many missions that require players to use their thinking to overcome. To complete the entire challenge, you will have to spend a certain amount of time. But with the unlimited money MOD version we provide below, everything will be much simpler. Besides, you can also play offline games anywhere and anytime without having to worry about internet status.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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