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Update OnJune 20, 2022
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Rainbow Story: Star Quest APK is an MMORPG combined with the most attractive adventure element of the moment. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore an endless journey with friends from all over the world.

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Introduce about Rainbow Story: Star Quest

Rainbow Story: Star Quest – Start a relaxing adventure in a fantasy world

Rainbow Story: Star Quest

A beautiful open world with other friends is waiting for you to explore in Rainbow Story: Star Quest. The MMORPG game from the publisher EskyfunUSA is ready to bring you an endless relaxing adventure with lots of fun. Join the game, you can control your character to go anywhere you like to enjoy the interesting content available. At the same time, you can match or chat with friends around to create more excitement when playing the game. You can try to download this game through Google Play or App Store to discover it now.

Explore the exciting fantasy adventure

From the perspective of any warrior, players will begin their fantasy adventure in Rainbow Story: Star Quest immediately. Here, you will have a chance to meet a lot of other like-minded people from all over the world. This is a good opportunity for you to chat and invite them to accompany you on this exciting journey to overcome challenges more easily.

Of course, you cannot complete all challenges alone, so the help of other teammates will be very helpful. Don’t forget to unlock loyal pets to make this adventure more exciting than ever. Overall, there is a lot of content that you can explore in this game and enjoy in your own way.

Facing tough challenges

It can be seen that MMORPG games cannot lack the appearance of attractive battles. Rainbow Story: Star Quest is no exception. This game gives players a lot of fierce battles with enemies. There are many challenges waiting for you, including Mayan Temple, Field Boss, VIP BOSS, Clan BOSS, and more.

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Each challenge will come with specific enemies, so you should try to develop your character to become stronger from time to time. Besides, fighting skills are also very important in this game. You can control your character to move and fight through virtual buttons that appear on the screen. Using these controls at the same time in a reasonable way will help you optimize the strength of each character.

Improve the main character’s strength

Your warrior in Rainbow Story: Star Quest needs to be strengthened regularly to be ready to face more difficult challenges. After each battle, you will receive a corresponding amount of bonuses to unlock or upgrade new equipment for the character. Moreover, this game also allows players to freely customize the interface for the main character, including hair color adjustments, faces, outfits, and more. All these elements will help your character become more prominent during the adventure.

Lots of fun interactive activities

Rainbow Story: Star Quest offers a large community of players to help players interact with everyone. You can try chatting with friends in the traditional way or use voice chat to bond more. If you want, you can also join any Clan you want to make that Clan more famous together.

The interaction of players around the world is also reflected in exciting shopping activities. You can buy or sell equipment according to your needs by chatting on the world channel. This is where all players can see each other’s information and needs to be met easily. Besides, Rainbow Story: Star Quest also provides an extremely interesting marriage feature. You can marry the one you love to create a dream life in this game.

Cute cartoon graphics

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The way graphic design of Rainbow Story: Star Quest is developed in a cute cartoon style. All the characters are designed in the traditional chibi style, promising to give players an interesting feeling right from the first time they enjoy it. Besides, the transition effects and the colors in the game are also very vividly shown, which will definitely make you attractive when playing the game. In general, the graphics of this game are rated at a pretty good level and are suitable for many different players.

How to install Rainbow Story: Star Quest

Step 1: You can download the APK of Rainbow Story: Star Quest via the β€œDownload” link at the bottom of the article. Once downloaded, you will get the .apk file.

Step 2: Click on the file and install it.

Step 3: Please wait for a moment for the installation to complete. Then the game will be ready to play right on your phone.

Download Rainbow Story: Star Quest APK for Android

Through the above information, we firmly believe that Rainbow Story: Star Quest will bring you unforgettable experiences right on your mobile device. This is a highly interactive MMORPG game, you need to be friendly with the people around you to accompany them in difficult challenges. Do not miss the appearance of this game if you are looking for an attractive MMORPG with many different aspects.

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