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SAO Integral Factor APK is the latest installment in the exciting Sword Art Online role-playing series from publisher Bandai Namco. In this section, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the most exciting tactical battles with a 3D graphics format. Everyone is invited to go into detail about this game.

Note: You can refer to role-playing games SAO like Tales of Luminaria and SAO Unleash Blading.

Introduce about SAO Integral Factor

Before coming to the necessary information about the game SAO Integral Factor, maybe you should know a little about the origin of the Sword Art Online game series and its content. Sword Art Online is actually the name of a novel and an animated film released in Japan produced by Bandai.

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It has an extremely interesting and novel storyline when the entire content is about a virtual reality game that allows gamers to control their characters by thinking through the Nerve Gear hat. This game is an illegal project developed directly by Kayaba Akihiko and his aim is to lock all players in the virtual world forever if they cannot defeat the Boss at the end of the game.


Just like the scene in the movie of the same name, in SAO Integral Factor you and many other players are stuck in the virtual world. If you want to get rid of it, you only have one option as defeat all the monsters on the 100 floors of Aincard.

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The journey to find the exit will start when the player enters the game, however, do not be too worried because Kirito, Asuna, and Yuna – the main characters of the game, will take the role of leading players into the core of the story that this game wants to convey.

Choosing and developing characters

Through the mission system integrated throughout the journey, players will have the opportunity to upgrade and develop their characters to increase combat ability. Each character will own different indicators for the attack, defense, health recovery, and these stats will increase when the character is upgraded. At the same time, gamers can unlock new skills for the character.

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In addition to the character’s skills, players can bring a variety of weapons to alternate use in necessary situations. Weapon systems are quite important in this game because they directly affect the power of each character. They are available in the game’s store, but you also have the opportunity to collect the most powerful weapons during your battle.

Familiar controls

If you are an experienced gamer in the strategy game series, it will not be too difficult to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game SAO Integral Factor. The left corner of the screen is a set of scroll keys that allow the player to control the character running in 4 basic directions. Meanwhile, the function buttons allow characters to perform skills. And use weapons are displayed visually on the right corner of the screen.

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Although the control system is not new, the game requires gamers to be flexible in how to choose. And combine skills at the same time to enhance the power of each character in the game. Just like the original movie, you will pass Aincard’s 100 floors by defeating all the monsters in the way. Maybe, you will find it easy to pass the 1st or 2nd floor or even the 10th floor. But that doesn’t mean you will continue to win easily at later levels. Especially against the boss at level 100, it seems that not many gamers can do this.

3D graphics

If in the previous version, gamers could only enjoy the game on a horizontal screen with 2D graphics. With SAO Integral Factor, everything has been upgraded and improved significantly. The details, context, and effects in the game will become more realistic. Impressive thanks to the beautiful 3D image quality. However, the game retains a cute anime design style that feels friendly to gamers. The battle effect is quite great, wide viewing angle, the sound system is good.

In addition, players will also receive conversations between characters on the 2D background. This helps you better understand the plot of the game, while also helping it resemble the original movie

How to install SAO Integral Factor

Step 1: Download the version SAO Integral Factor (Original APK) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Proceed to install this version on mobile or PC. Wait for the process to finish, press to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Access the game, and experience challenging role-playing battles with SAO Integral Factor.

Download SAO Integral Factor APK for Android

SAO Integral Factor is an attractive game not inferior to its predecessors in the Sword Art Online series of Bandai Namco. The charismatic plot, diverse task system, and advanced graphics platform are the factors that make me feel really impressed about this role-playing game. You should also try to have your own subjective assessment.

SAO Integral Factor is currently available on Google Play and supports both mobile and iOS platforms. However, at the present time, the game only offers 2 types of languages: Japanese and English. This can be frustrating for some inexperienced gamers with these two languages. But everything will take place under the guidance of the main characters and the built-in quest system. Will help you dive into its story easily.

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pls update the modded version to 1.7.0