Woodoku 3.05.00 APK + MOD [Auto Skip] Download for Android

Tripledot Studios Limited
Update OnMarch 17, 2023
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Category Puzzle Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Solve every puzzle from simple to complex in Woodoku MOD APK to test your brain right now. In fact, it’s a simple yet challenging block puzzle game. Place the wooden blocks in the appropriate position on each table to win your own way.

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Introduce about Woodoku

Woodoku – Simple but addictive wooden block sudoku puzzle game

Sudoku challenges through the new wooden block puzzle levels in Woodoku will make you feel excited. This game from the publisher Tripledot Studios Limited is extremely suitable to give players a relaxing experience. All you need to do is place 9×9 wooden blocks in rows, pillars, or squares to remove the wooden block from the game.

The score at each level also has a certain influence on the final achievement. You need to stack the wooden blocks efficiently with the least manipulation to get the highest score in each level. Playing this puzzle game every day will help you train your IQ daily from now on. Woodoku is currently available on Google Play, please download it to play now.

Easy-to-understand wooden block puzzle gameplay

Woodoku offers a very easy-to-understand puzzle game for any type of player. More specifically, players will see many wooden block shapes appear on the screen at each level. Your task is to perform the appropriate drag and drop to place them in the specified positions on the wooden table. Complete the challenge by creating a square block of wood with no gaps.

In the initial stage, players will feel the simplicity when there are not too many wooden block icons appearing on the screen. Just by looking at it once, you can find out how to combine wooden blocks together. But the difficulty will increase continuously in the next levels with the appearance of many different-sized wooden blocks. You will have to make the most of your thinking to pair them successfully.

Simple control mechanism

As mentioned, the control method in Woodoku is also very simple. Players just need to make swipes on the screen to move the position of the wooden blocks to the table. Place them on a 9×9 wooden board to form a complete block and you will win instantly. The operation process of the next game screen is similar to help players do not have to perform too many operations when playing. Besides, you can also earn Streak points by merging more wooden blocks in one turn.

No time pressure

The relaxation factor is fully expressed in Woodoku. Besides the basic gameplay, this game also offers absolute relaxation through the mechanism of no time limit. That is, you can think about your actions at any time without the pressure of time. You should only operate when you find the most optimal pairing options to get the maximum score in each turn. Besides, this game does not require an internet connection so you can play the game anywhere.

Some situations that you may experience

You should carefully refer to some of the situations that you can go through in Woodoku to have the most effective gaming experience. The first is that you can choose the game mode according to the allotted time to increase the difficulty of the puzzle process. At this point, if you do not score enough points when the time is up, you will lose and have to play again.

In some situations, you will encounter a situation where your wooden blocks are not arranged properly, they create disjoint, then you also lose. To win, you need to clear all the specified wooden blocks in the allotted time. Believe me, every time you pass any level, you will feel extremely happy.

Inspiring graphics and sounds

Although only providing somewhat simple details on the screen, Woodoku really impressed us with what it brought. All the details shown on the screen represent the content and features it brings. As a result, you will immediately notice the appearance of wooden blocks and a 9×9 board on the screen. Also, it has gentle background music and the sound emitted during manipulation with wooden blocks.

How to install Woodoku

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD version of Woodoku for your Android device by clicking the “Download” link at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and proceed with the installation.

Step 3: Relax during the installation and you will soon see the game icon appear on the screen. Just touch it to open the game and play it.

Contact us if you have problems downloading and installing the game.

Download Woodoku MOD APK for Android

Through the above advantages, we can confirm that Woodoku will help you get extremely impressive puzzle moments. This is really a light, relaxing puzzle game that doesn’t require achievement. Moreover, its capacity is quite light so you can download and play it on any device you want.


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