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Railbound APK is a puzzle game combined with the most popular train mechanics currently available. Revolving around the work of connecting trains in many different areas, this game will give you extremely interesting challenges. In this article, let’s find out what it has to offer.

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Introduce about Railbound

Railbound – A puzzle simulation game inspired by connecting train tracks

Basically, Railbound is inspired by the work of managing trains in an interesting fantasy world. More specifically, the player will become a dog whose role is to run the trains in the town. Your task is to help this dog coordinate trains in the most efficient way and ensure that people always get to their desired destination safely.


A lot of interesting mechanics have been added by the publisher Afterburn to give players a more memorable experience. Note, that this is a paid game on Google Play. More specifically, you have to pay a fee equivalent to $ 5.49 to download. If you want to play the game for free, please download the APK version available below the article.

Connect railway lines around the world

Railbound taps into one of the quiet but essential jobs in the rail industry. It is to coordinate the carriages efficiently to ensure that they can connect to the right trains. Your goal in the game is very simple. It is to arrange the tracks on the screen to form the most optimal moving path.

After the tracks are created successfully, the carriage will automatically roll down the track and dock into the train. Of course, you will need to arrange the tracks logically because there are only one or two correct choices at each level. Make sure that the carriages do not collide with each other during the movement or you do not want to lose. The way to pair rails is also very simple. You just need to touch the screen and drag and drop as you like.

Find solutions to 150 available puzzles

Like most puzzle games of the same genre, Railbound gives players a lot of levels with continuously increasing difficulty. After each level, players will have the opportunity to access new interesting details, directly affecting their rail connection. These include the appearance of signs, signals, tunnels, and more.

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Each type will have a different way of operating that requires you to understand its impact. For example, the tunnel will connect the carriages to the required locations immediately, thereby shortening the traveling distance of the carriages. Or you can also place obstacles on the road to hold the carriages at the appropriate time, avoiding collisions from the movement of the carriages. In general, changing the path configuration continuously will make the puzzle process more efficient.

Diverse terrain and environments

By joining the game, players will quickly realize the change in terrain and environment continuously after each stage. This will help you always feel the fun when playing the game. The terrain types described in Railbound are very diverse with many different areas. The layout of the sharp lines will also change markedly, you should observe carefully to make a reasonable choice. At the same time, they are themed from the seasons of the year and the change of color will fully show these details on the screen.

Outstanding graphics and sound

Railbound’s graphics are built in a cute style, a common thing in puzzle games on mobile platforms. You will feel like you are enjoying a classic comic or an animated movie as soon as you experience this game. Even so, the details that appear on the screen also create a remarkable highlight through creative hand-drawn strokes. All are inspired by reality so you will quickly feel the familiarity.

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Besides, the sound is also a notable highlight in Railbound. According to information from the publisher, the background music is composed specifically for the game with handshake melodies. Thanks to that, you will always feel comfortable and maintain focus throughout the game. Overall, the graphics and sound of this game perform quite well with what it brings. Try playing the game to get the most realistic feeling.

How to install Railbound

Step 1: Download the APK version of Railbound at the link at the end of this article. It’s free.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on your device and enable unknown sources.

Step 3: Select the file Railbound_modded-1.com.apk you just downloaded and select “install”.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete, you can touch the game icon to open and play right away.

FAQs about Railbound

1: How to download the game to the phone?

You can search for “Railbound” on Google Play or App Store and pay about $5 to buy it. If you want to get it for free, click “Download” in this article and choose to download the APK file.

2: What device can this game work on?

Railbound is a mobile game version that can work on Android 5.1 or later or iOS 11.0 or later devices. Also, you can play it on your tablet or PC.

3: Who is this game suitable for?

With simple gameplay and friendly animation, Railbound is for every player to entertain and relax.

Download Railbound APK for Android

Railbound is really a puzzle game with a new way of operating in the present time. The task of connecting train tracks is not too difficult but will definitely give you a lot of challenges. New obstacles and details are constantly appearing, requiring players to constantly update the information to make the most informed decisions in any situation.

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