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Update OnJanuary 12, 2022
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Have you ever thought that you would enjoy an RPG game combined with a match-3 puzzle element? Yes, this unique combination will be evident in Starsteel Fantasy. This is an interesting game that has just been released, hopefully, its features will make you feel excited from the first time.

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Introduce about Starsteel Fantasy

Starsteel Fantasy – Light RPG game with a match-3 giải puzzle element

Starsteel Fantasy offers breathtaking battles between heroes and legions of monsters. Thereby, vividly recreating the world’s critical situation through fierce battles. Here you will gather the best heroes on earth to fight against creatures with destructive power. The operation of the game is also quite gentle, you will proceed to solve match-3 puzzles to help your character unleash powerful skill chains.

Starsteel Fantasy

Publisher Crunchyroll Games, LLC has understood what players mean when launching a game that combines traditional role-playing style and exciting puzzle gameplay. This promises to bring great entertainment moments to players. The game has just been launched in the present time but has received a lot of support around the world. Currently, you can also easily download this game through Google Play or App Store for a quick experience.

The plot is quite interesting

Ancient monsters have officially returned to Earth, they bring direct threats to the lives of all mankind. The first goal is to access the primeval forest to build a base. You can complete the goal sooner than expected if they successfully annex this place. Faced with the above situation, heroes from all over the world need to work together to protect the safety of the Earth. In Starsteel Fantasy, you will be tasked with becoming a talented commander, leading an army, and destroying all enemies that pose a threat to the planet. Are you ready to participate in this fierce battle? Download the game and do it now.

Unique gameplay

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The gameplay of Starsteel Fantasy is completely different from the rest of the games. You will feel the control style is relatively easy to understand but still offers a great quality experience. The controls are displayed directly on the screen, you just need to swipe and help the cubes in the game have the same color vertically or horizontally to win the score. In general, this gameplay is quite similar to current puzzle-style games. You will not have to manipulate too much but still feel interesting when experiencing it.

Control battle heroes

Starsteel Fantasy is a true fusion of traditional puzzle and role-playing styles. Every time you line up a horizontal or vertical line, the heroes will perform an attack on the opponent. Similarly, your opponent will also perform the same task to be able to win.

Each hero will have a unique defense and survival ability. If your heroes are not strong enough, you must arrange as many blocks of the same color as possible to gain an advantage over your opponents. This is a brainstorming game. So players need to be highly focused during the game experience to be able to find the winning methods.

The HP bar displayed directly on the game screen will be what determines your victory or defeat in each game screen. Each character will own a different amount of HP which will make the battle more interesting. If you want to gain an advantage over the enemy, win a lot to be able to own the most powerful heroes from Starsteel Fantasy.

Interact with other players

The game will bring you to extremely attractive battles, where you will be compared with other players around the world. Each person will have their own separate army with different control operations. This will make the game extremely attractive, if you want to win against the opponent, you need to have the ability to think and observe the situation quickly. Note, your device must be connected to the internet to be able to experience these battles.

Vivid 3D picture quality

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The display style in Starsteel Fantasy is really different, you will be manipulated at the bottom of the screen to perform familiar jigsaw puzzles. Above will be a battle between two different robots, you can both manipulate and enjoy this extremely attractive battle. With the 3D graphics brought, it will definitely help players enhance the experience and feel great during the game enjoyment. In addition, the sound system also contributes to creating the typical atmosphere of exciting battles during the experience.

How to install Starsteel Fantasy

Step 1: Download Starsteel Fantasy (MOD or APK) at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and install as usual.

Step 3: Please wait a moment for the installation to complete. Then you will see the game icon show up on the phone screen.

Step 4: Click on the game icon to open and play now.

Download Starsteel Fantasy MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for a game to entertain yourself in your spare time, then Starsteel Fantasy will be an extremely reasonable choice. The game that converges between familiar puzzle elements and traditional role-playing will definitely make you excited to experience it. Players will enjoy fierce battles with a completely unique and new perspective that the game brings.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Sword DMG
  • Spirit DMG


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