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Update OnMarch 28, 2023
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Are you ready to meet the clown Pennywise again in Death Park 2? This game is the next version of the product of the same name Death Park. In this comeback, Death Park 2 promises to bring players new details along with extremely scary threats. First, let us learn a little about this game.

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Introduce about Death Park 2

After the success of the first version, publisher Euphoria Horror Games quickly developed a post-game version of the game Death Park. This will help players get a more general view of the character Pennywise. You may not know, Pennywise is the main character in Stephenking’s IT novels. Not only stopping at novels, but he also spread terror around the world through two horror movies of the same name in 2017 and 2019. This game is currently available for free on both the App Store and Google Play. So you can easily download the game to your phone and experience it easily.


The plot of Death Park 2 will remain the same compared to the original to help players feel a certain familiarity when experiencing it. You will still meet the main character is Bill, brother George, and clown Pennywise. Unfortunately, when George was kidnapped by the clown Pennywise to a mysterious location. At the same time, the kidnappings of children in the city also occurred with a constant frequency.

The player’s task is to help the main character find his lost brother by uncovering the mysteries of the game. Remember that Pennywise is not only the only villain in this game. But you also have to face a lot of different monsters throughout the experience.


In Death Park 2, players will come to many dark locations in the city such as hospitals, cemeteries, streets. It will be terrible when you know that this is where Spooky clowns have attacked a lot of innocent people. The player’s task is to control the main character and explore different locations in the city to complete the mission.

Especially the ghost clown Pennywise will not appear directly. But you will have to complete the challenge to get more information about him. Unlike the first version, Death Park 2 owns two easy and difficult levels. So, you should choose the easy mode if this is the first time you experience the game. After grasping how the game works, try the hard game mode to find more challenges.


Basically, the control method of Death Park 2 is also arranged quite similarly to the first part to help players feel familiar from the first experience. Players can control their characters to move through the virtual circle button on the left side of the experience screen. It is important that you can freely control the character without any constraints, apart from using your right finger to see the areas you want.

Decipher the mystery

Keeping the same action gameplay combined with puzzles as the first part, you will begin your mysterious journey from the first time you. Players will in turn go through different locations on the map and discover secret information about the spooky clown. Besides, the game may require you to do some small tasks, for example, saving a girl who is being held in a dark room. This is definitely an enjoyable experience to test your courage.

Classic pixel graphics

Although the graphics quality of Death Park 2 was the 3D format, the publisher has simplified it to Pixel style to increase the horror and horror for players during the process. The details in the game have changed significantly in terms of display quality compared to the previous version. This will definitely give players moments of extremely great experience right on your phone. Besides, this game is still built from the familiar first-person perspective. So players can easily observe the entire area of ​​the city and make the most accurate decisions possible.

How to install Death Park 2

Step 1: Download Death Park 2_(Original APK).apk from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Death Park 2_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish.

Download Death Park 2 APK for Android

Overall, all the horror details in Death Park 2 will be upgraded a lot more than the first version. This will definitely give players the necessary creepiness, along with the extremely creepy sound system that promises to give you a lot of heartbreak when playing the game. If you are a gamer who loves horror and thrilling games that they bring, then surely Death Park 2 will be a great choice in the present time.


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