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Update OnNovember 13, 2022
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Horrorfield APK is the most notable horror game in 2020, developed and officially released by Skytec Games. For those who love the horror game genre, it is impossible not to know the presence of Horrorfield. Because it has become too famous, and much more prominent than other similar genre products like Antarctica 88 or Dead by Daylight Mobile. Now, let us find out some highlights of this game.

Introduce about Horrorfield

download horrorfield

Horrorfield will bring players to an extremely mysterious story revolving around the journey of a group of people who are exploring a pristine land. They were always in a state of fear because a cold-blooded murderer is ready to destroy the entire explorer group. So who is their true enemy this time around? Is it a cold-blooded murderer, a ghost, or a psychopath? Join the game to get the best answer.

Deadly gameplay

Horrorfield only gives players a single game mode and you need to make a choice to become a killer or survivor. If you choose to survive, the player will experience the extremely thrilling survival moments that this game brings. Before starting to come to this dangerous survival. Players will have to choose one of the 7 characters that the game brings.

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The special thing is that each character will own certain advantages during the experience. For example, a doctor can heal wounds for other people, a thief has the ability to stealth. Or an engineer can repair the generators around the map. Therefore, you should really consider Thoroughly before making your own choice decision.

Become a real hunter

Besides being a survivor, Horrorfield also allows players to easily become true cold-blooded murderers and start this scary hunting trip. When becoming a hunter, the player will be able to choose one of the available characters. Such as a monster, a butcher, and a ghost. Similar to the survivors, the characters on the pursuer’s side will also be equipped with unique hunting skills. This will definitely make you feel extremely excited right from the first experience.

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The target of the pursuer would be completely the opposite of the survivors. You need to move constantly on the map to be able to find their whereabouts. Thereby spreading fear to all the victims hiding in this desolate land. Although facing 4 prey at once, the killer is equipped with extremely powerful skills and is almost impossible to defeat by the rudimentary weapons on the map. Therefore, awaken the evil in your being and force the ill-fated victims in Horrorfield to suffer extreme pain.

Upgrade and Map

download horrorfield apk

The upgrade of equipment for your character is extremely important, to help you live longer or destroy faster. With the human side, you can equip additional weapons to destroy your attackers in shadow faster. For predators, upgrading the equipment will help you destroy the prey faster, indeed upgrading gives many advantages to your character.

Horrorfield offers a completely self-contained map, in order to survive in this village you need to destroy all predators in the dark.

Scary design

Because it is a horror game, it is not too difficult to understand when Horrorfield brings dark colors to during the enjoyment. Basically, most of the details in the game are designed to be relatively similar to reality but bring more gloom than. This promises that will make players always in a state of fear when participating in this fascinating survival. Besides, the game is also designed in an isometric style with top-down graphics to help you easily see around you. But also takes away the horror of the game when you do not know the front there is a monster.

How to install Horrorfield

Preamble, you need uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier. To install the APK version of Horrorfield game from the publisher Skytec Games.

Step 1: Download the file Horrorfield_modded-1.com.apk from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Horrorfield_(MOD Hack Map).apk.

Step 3: Tap Install, wait until the process is finished.

Step 4: The game icon will appear with the words “Horrorfield by MODDED-1.COM”.

Note: This guide can support both original APK and MOD exclusive versions from the Modded-1 blog.

Download Horrorfield APK for Android

Horrorfield is a multiplayer horror game, perhaps this is also the scariest adventure of your life. All the details in the game are built in a gloomy style to help players feel the moments of a truly scary experience. The operation of this game is quite good and is one of the highlights that make it successful in the present time. This will help you better understand all the visual aspects of Horrorfield’s exciting survival.

MOD Features:

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