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Townscaper APK is a fun game where you can build artful buildings in 3D. It offers great relaxation as it plunges you into an idle yet unique design and construction experience. You can build everything from winding streets to floating towers, the network of canals. Unleash all the ideas in your mind and create beautiful works.

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Introduce about Townscaper

Townscaper – Build and enjoy the beauty of buildings

Townscaper is a game from the publisher Raw Fury, first released in June 2020. This game is currently quite popular on many platforms such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Nintendo Switch. Although it is a paid game, this game still attracts a large number of download registrations from the global gaming community. That’s thanks to the unique construction simulation gameplay, the idle but addictive gameplay mechanics, and the beautiful classic graphics style.


Many people evaluate that it is not like a game but simply an experience to relax. Because it has no quest system, no plot, and no characters. Everything in the game is created by the player’s imagination. That is perhaps the biggest attraction of Townscaper. If you love it, you can download the game right now with the MOD APK version here. It is free.

Simple construction mechanism

Coming to Townscaper, in front of you is a large space. Here, you just need to click on the screen to choose a location for your work. Then click more to create buildings of different styles, connect them and create a unique construction. But the special thing is that the game does not have a menu system that includes sub-components for your design. Just by clicking on the screen, the player will see something appear and logically connected. To replace them, the player simply clicks on them again.

As such, the game is not like a game but also not like home design software. Players do not need to learn how to design and use tools because there are no tools in the game. It only has a color palette on the left side of the screen and a settings menu on the right side of the screen. But players will manipulate the most by touching the screen (when playing on mobile) and clicking (when playing on the computer). If you want to change the color, simply tap a color in the left menu and apply it to the object you want.

Build everything from scratch

Townscaper allows players to create anything, including things beyond imagination. They will start with the first touch, which creates a small building. Keep clicking to create more buildings, and gradually, you can build a village. If you prefer a more monumental construction, you can spend a lot of time creating village roads, a cathedral, a network of canals, forests, mountains, ponds, lakes, and even a city in the air. Many beautiful things will gradually appear before the players’ eyes and they can customize them in their own way. Change a new color, add new buildings, bridges, domes, stairs…, why not?

download townscaper apk

But a special feature in Townscaper is the classical European architectural style. So players will see how cool the buildings look and they evoke nostalgia. A peaceful, gentle scene combined with melodious sound and melodies creates a romantic building party. That’s something that every gamer can find in this game and it really makes sense.

Observe the works at many angles

After the building is complete, players can view their work by rotating the screen. The game allows up to 360-degree rotation, so gamers can see all the constructions they have created. You can view them from the left, from the right, from the top, or from many other angles. Each perspective brings a different feeling, creating richness in each architectural work that players have painstakingly built.

Beautiful and sharp images on a 3D background

download townscaper mod

Design games like Townscaper would be great if they had 3D graphics. Because of that, every image in the game displays in a sharp and vivid way. This game has a classic style with many unique color games. Besides, every element is arranged into the frame logically, and there seem to be no errors. Therefore, it can satisfy players who prefer perfection. But it also easily impresses those who love the art and the outlandish.

How to install Townscaper

Step 1: First, please check and uninstall other versions of Townscaper on your phone. Next, click on the link at the end of this article to download Townscaper APK or MOD.

Step 2: Open the file Townscaper_modded-1.com.apk and install it.

Step 3: Please relax during the installation process. Next, you will see the game icon displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Click the game icon to open and enjoy right away.

Download Townscaper APK for Android

Townscaper will be the perfect choice for those who love the design and artistic creativity. No need for you to pursue a certain goal in the game, just play and enjoy the beauty. You can create amazing classic 3D buildings from buildings and view them from many angles. Enjoy the process in the melodious and peaceful music.

Features MOD:

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