Talking Tom Hero Dash APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

Outfit7 Limited
Update OnMarch 10, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Casual Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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  • Unlimited Money
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Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK is an endless running simple game from publisher Outfit7. The gameplay is inspired by the famous Endless Run games. First, please refer to this article to be able to better understand this fascinating game.

Note: You can refer to endless running games like Talking Tom Camp or Subway Surfers.

Introduce about Talking Tom Hero Dash

The context of Talking Tom Hero Dash revolves around the battle between the friends of Tom and cat the evil gang under the leadership of tyrant Raccoon. They are planning to destroy the entire world and recreate the lives of all the creatures on Earth. This is really a very cruel plot and you need to take action immediately to prevent this from happening.

In Talking Tom Hero Dash, players will be transformed into a cat and start the task of saving the world from the first experience. The special thing is that each character in the game will possess completely unique skills, so you can easily rescue the way you want. Are you ready to carry out your extremely noble mission in this game? Download the game via the App Store or Google Play as soon as you feel ready.

How to play Talking Tom Hero Dash

Start the game, characters will run automatically moving forward and the player must control the character left or right, jump over obstacles or slide under obstacles. The control method is quite similar to the usual Endless Run games so you will not take too much time to get used to it.

In addition, players can collect coins along the way, as well as many other support items such as magnets to attract every nearby coin for a limited time or shield to protect the character. Try to collect power-ups along the way because they will help you a lot during the experience. However, you also need to observe the surrounding terrain. Because there will be many obstacles appearing and ready to destroy you at any time.

Become a superhero

After so many previous versions of our Tom only eat and sleep, then in this version Tom will return to become a real hero against the gang cat bear Raccoon. Start your journey with superhero friends including (Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, and Ben), to protect humanity against the cat bear. Each character, possessing their own superpowers, will be the captain to devise tactics to save his world.

On the run, your job and your teammates are kicking the ass and scooping up all dangerous ingredients in the Raccoon organization. After completing the mission, the content will open and you will continue the process of defending your city. Don’t forget, pick up coins on the way from the flood cat bear Raccoon.

Cross-continent running

The chase cat bears are endless, will take place all over the world. Can be a cross-continental run, stretching from urban New York to the skyscrapers of Dubai and the arid desert of Egypt. Each level of play will be different challenges for each superhero. Be flexible in how to use the skill because they can be very effective.

Fight boss

To defeat the Raccoon boss and rescue the friends captured on the spaceship, you need to put in a real battle and proper reflexes. After beating the bears and cats, repairing the city until the end of the game screen you will get conflict with the last boss. Need to exterminate and free his friends.

Get free gifts

You need to pay attention to holidays of the year such as Christmas or Halloween, Talking Tom Hero Dash creates events for players to receive special gifts. Participating in the activity, held during this time, will help you to own a lot of high-end items and equipment.

3D graphics

Inheriting beautiful graphics from previous products, this game will definitely make players feel extremely satisfied with what is shown on the experience screen. The details in the game are very elaborate from the publisher Outfit7. The environment in the game is also designed very vividly with full color. The display quality really makes us feel extremely satisfied with what brings. How about you? Post your reviews right below this article.

How to install Talking Tom Hero Dash

Request to uninstall Google Play if you installed it before. Then proceed to install the MOD version published by Modded-1.com.

Step 1: Search for the keyword Talking Tom Hero Dash, and download the MOD version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Start the installation process of the downloaded MOD file, wait until the process finishes.

Step 3: The game icon will appear with the words “Talking Tom Hero Dash by MODDED-1.COM”. You just need to enter the game and experience the classic style game of the Talking Tom game line.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK for Android

If you are a longtime player and love the famous “My Talking” game series, certainly can not ignore the appearance of Talking Tom Hero Dash. This is a highly entertaining game suitable for many players at the moment. Although the gameplay is not too different from the products on the game market. We are confident that this game will bring you moments of a great experience.


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