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Toca Mystery House APK is a highly educational game in the famous Toca series. In this version, players will discover spooky details in a mysterious house to get interesting and fun experiences during the enjoyment. First, you should refer to this article to better understand this game.

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Introduce about Toca Mystery House

Toca Mystery House – Discover mysterious stories, stimulate the imagination

The Toca game series from the publisher Toca Boca is truly one of the best educational games on the market today. Including the appearance of Toca Mystery House, this is an extremely fun and witty game. Basically, this game still retains the familiar cartoon design and typical open gameplay.

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More specifically, this game focuses on the element of experience alone instead of interaction between players. Accordingly, you can do anything in this game to free your imagination. If you are interested in Toca Mystery House, you can download the game through the App Store or Google Play to experience it right now.

Context brings mystery

The background of Toca Mystery House is built from a mysterious house located on a deserted street in Toca Town. Almost no one dares to set foot here because strange events appear and are woven into scary stories. However, our protagonist Toca wants to sneak into this house and uncover the unsolved mysteries.

Accordingly, there are many mysterious rumors related to this mysterious house. Some kids say that, at night, the ground floor will glow and crazy aliens are living there. These rumors will surely give players a certain curiosity, are you ready to accompany Toca on this special adventure? We firmly believe that the details available in the house will make you feel awe.

Uncover the mystery in the house

Join Toca Mystery House, players will go on a journey of discovery alone and without the appearance of anyone else. Since then, mysterious events will continuously occur in this house to make anyone who sneaks in feel fear. Don’t worry, this game will not scare you too much during the experience. Instead, players will be free to explore everything around and find interesting facts that are cleverly integrated.

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Accordingly, the house will have the appearance of many different rooms. Each room will lead the player to a separate context, which can be a laboratory, a large forest, or even a large kitchen. All of these factors are sure to spark a thirst for discovery in you. Be ready to confront the truth to get valuable experiences in this game.


The laboratory is one of the most loved locations in Toca Mystery House. Here, players will discover a full range of equipment such as color solutions, test tubes, preparation tools, etc. Toca’s curiosity has turned this boy into a new creature with blue skin. Don’t worry too much, turn him into many different forms thanks to the liquid cans available on the screen. Creating many new solutions and feeling the change of the main character is your task in this exciting room.

The vast forest

This is the door that brings players to a large forest with many lovely creatures. Basically, you just need to touch the door to open it and touch the dark space to perform the act of entering. This door offers a special interactive element, where you will be able to touch the creatures on the screen and discover how they change over time. Typically, touching yellow flowers to make them glow, or touching a green plant to make a sound, etc. All are available in this door, you should check it out for yourself to enjoy the fun it brings.

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In addition, there are quite a few other doors built into Toca Mystery House that we cannot fully cover in the scope of an article. Download the game at our website to discover the doors with interesting mysteries that await.

Animated 2D graphics

As mentioned above, the graphic design of Toca Mystery House will still be shown in the familiar cartoon style. However, the details and colors in the game will bring more darkness and fear instead of as bright as other Toca versions. This is quite understandable because the context as well as the main content of this game is exploration. As a result, the transition effect in the game is also smooth on many devices, including mid-range devices with low configuration.

How to install Toca Mystery House

Step 1: Download the Toca Mystery House (Original APK) version at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Toca Mystery House” to access the installer.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Toca Mystery House APK for Android

In a nutshell, Toca Mystery House is a series of unique events that take players into a completely new environment. In it, players can interact with any detail on the screen to feel the excitement during the experience. Therefore, players should try to play it at least once in their life, especially for child players.

Features MOD:

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