Subway Surfers MOD APK 2.24.2 [Unlimited Coins/Keys] Download

NameSubway Surfers
PublisherSYBO Games
Category Arcade Games
Latest Version2.24.2
RequiresAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Keys
Package google play
Update OnOctober 19, 2021

Subway Surfers MOD APK is an Arcade game of the legendary Endless Runner game genre. The special thing is this game was developed jointly by Kiloo and SYBO Games officially 7 years. Since its launch, the game has consistently achieved great achievements, namely, the huge number of settings on Google Play and countless positive comments from users around the world. Download it for free at Modded-1, to get the best experience.

Note: You can consult some games Endless Runner with similar gameplay to Temple Run 2 and Jumanji: Epic Run.

Introduce about Subway Surfers

download subway surfers apk

Although the gameplay is quite similar to other Endless games on the market, Subway Surfers has a pretty interesting and fun story. One day, Jake, the protagonist of the game, is naughty to paint colors on the cars on the tracks. But unfortunately, a fastidious inspector along with his fierce dog discovered this. At this time, the boy had to hide from the inspector and the fierce dog. Join the game now, to help Jake get rid of the dog and the cop.


When starting the game, the player will play Jake or one of his friends to participate in the exciting chases. You need to control your character to move left, right, jump up or slide down through the control system is displayed visually on the screen. This helps the character overcome obstacles along the way to continue the race before being caught by the inspector and his dog. Remember that if you stop anywhere on the road, your chances of winning can be lost forever and your chase can only start over at another level.

Diverse obstacles

Obstacles along the way can be anything, including trams or slides. They appear constantly in the player’s journey and if you touch them, the screen will stop because at that time, you will be caught by the inspector and the dog. Therefore, ingenuity and flexibility are essential to winning this game. If you can confidently win many levels in Subway Surfers, let us know your achievements in the global rankings. Are you the best person or not? Use the score to prove it.

An addictive Endless Runner game

According to reviews from the majority of the gaming community, the Endless genre has always been one of the topics that attracted a lot of interest from all types of players, including children. Although the levels in the game Subway Surfers have a continuous repetition, after failing at any one level, players want to play one more time to make sure not to make the same mistakes. Challenges and difficulties are always what make the player desire to be conquered. How about you?

Character system

download subway surfers mod apk

Subway Surfers offers an extremely diverse character system, with a lot of characters with different styles and colors. Starting the game, you will receive the character Jake as your companion for free. And if you want to open more characters, you will have to collect enough coins to unlock the characters. With so many interesting characters you can accompany as dinosaur Dino, Fresh, Tricky, and there are many other characters for you to explore.

Pick up support items

Not only the appearance obstacles but support items will also be integrated on your way to escape. If possible, do not ignore them because you can get valuable help from the items that the game brings.

Some support items:

Sneakers will help players run faster or jump farther, skateboards help the smoother movement to limit tripping or bumping into obstacles within 30 seconds.

Coin Magnet acts as a magnet to attract the surrounding coins without having to touch them.

In addition, there are many other valuable items that players can explore when experiencing Subway Surfers. In particular, with collected coins, you can use it to upgrade the effect for support items. At the same time, don’t forget to pick up the huge chests to unlock valuable rewards.

3D graphics

The most outstanding feature in the game Subway Surfers lies in the graphic aspect. The game is designed in a 3D chibi style with colorful images and vibrancy in each frame. You will be placed in a train station but depending on each level, the scenery will be completely different. Along with that, the topics of many countries around the world such as Japan, Russia, the USA, will be updated regularly to make the adventure of players become diverse and interesting. Each scene, each character, and their movement in Subway Surfers will bring players exciting moments.

How to install Subway Surfers

If you are using the original Subway Surfers APK, or Google Play version then delete it.

Step 1: Download the Subway Surfers (MOD, Coins/Keys) version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the MOD version until the “Subway Surfers by MODDED-1.COM” logo appears.

Step 3: Thus the installation was successful. Continue to access to experience this game.

Note: This guide can support both the original APK version and the special MOD version. So you can make installation easily without having to ask anyone. I wish you great experiences.

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android

Is undeniable that Subway Surfers is truly an Endless Runner game with the highest revenue of all time. The appeal of this game comes from the gameplay, the plot, and especially the perfection of the graphics. Along with that, the vibrant sound system is also a highlight that contributes to success. Therefore, do not worry about the attractiveness that it brings to your experience. By clicking on the APK link below, you can download the game quickly and completely for free.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Keys

Note: The two main currencies in the game, Coins, and Keys, are provided unlimited as soon as you open the game. You can buy whatever is needed during the experience.


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide from

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