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C.C.T Games
Update OnMarch 18, 2023
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Welcome to Merge Elves MOD APK, a colorful paradise for players who love puzzles. You can touch your finger on the screen to merge and create magic, to restore the original beauty of the misty land. There are hundreds of fun plants, flowers, and elves to explore, don’t miss your chance to own them all.

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Introduce about Merge Elves

Merge Elves – Restore the fairyland with simple and addictive merges

Merge Elves is a game from the publisher C.C.T Games and is currently available on Google Play with more than 1 million installs. It belongs to the traditional match-3 puzzle game genre with a fun and colorful design, suitable for entertainment anytime, anywhere. The story of the game begins in a fairyland where light and darkness intersect and is ruled by a witch girl. This land has a rare magical beauty with the outstanding growth of many species of trees and even elves. However, it is threatened by evil forces, so the witch girl is trying to protect it. Will you accompany her?

Discover all kinds of species and match them to evolve

To protect the fairyland, players need to find a way to develop all kinds of species in the forest. Match three similar items to create a new, more advanced item, thereby enhancing the beauty and strength of all species. Players can apply that puzzle principle to everything in the forest, from trees, flowers, animals, elves, and even treasures. Elves can be raised from eggs. You just collect their eggs and upgrade them to grow over time. After 4 stages of upgrading, each goblin will become a mature warrior, ready to help you to manage the fairy forest.

The goblin system in the game is extremely diverse, each with its own beauty. Besides the elves in the forest, gamers can also find species on the seabed. Yes, they are mermaid elves, with beautiful tails and high-pitched voices. Each species will reign in different environments and contribute to the defense of its land against all invasions. In addition, gamers need to continuously pair to upgrade the natural living environment. Use magic from your fingers to unlock new flowers, new plants, buildings, statues, treasures, and more.

Unlock treasures and rewards

On the map of Merge Elves, players can find amazing things, such as treasures. Treasure chests will be scattered somewhere and can be paired to unlock. Gamers need to collect enough 3 chests to unlock them to collect coins and dozens of other unique items. Furthermore, there are a variety of gems that can also be matched for more profit, useful for unlocking buildings and statues, or shortening the incubation time of goblin eggs.

Expand the map to many new locations

The fairy world of this game is endless, consisting of many different lands. So don’t stop anywhere but expand your experience even further for a chance to see it all. The lands will stretch from forest to forest, from forest to ocean, desert, land of elves and baby dolls, and more. Each place has its own beauty and contains many interesting mysteries. The further you go, the deeper the player’s experience.

Join the online community with many players

Although Merge Elves only allows you to play alone, you can join an online community to connect with other players. Besides, regular events will be a place for you to chat with each other and exchange items. Don’t miss your chance to hunt for great rewards during the event, and learn from other players to enhance your puzzle experience.

Colorful and fun graphics

This game is suitable for all players, including children. That’s thanks to the simple gameplay and beautiful graphic design. It is vividly depicted in a colorful 2D scene, for realistic images and fun style. You can see all kinds of flowers in the deep green forest, beautiful mermaids in the ocean, or powerful goblins flying around the forest. The player’s on-screen merges also come with beautiful effects and catchy sounds. Moreover, the background music is always cheerful and melodious, contributing to the inspiration for this endless journey.

How to install Merge Elves

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article to download Merge Elves MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by selecting “Install” and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game after the installation is over and enjoy the fun puzzle levels on your phone screen.

Download Merge Elves MOD APK for Android

This is the place to immerse yourself in the magical world and show off your merge skills. Don’t hesitate to miss the great fun moments in the fairy forest with many mysteries. Just touch the screen to merge and help upgrade the species in the forest and create new things continuously. At the same time, you can go on adventures in many different lands and meet unique species. Help the beautiful witch to restore and protect this wonderful land in your experience.


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