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Update OnMay 14, 2022
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Are you ready to have a horror walk in Blue Monster Escape APK? This is a new journey with addictive puzzles and amazing horror elements. Get ready to take on Hogie and Waggy, which are crazy monsters that seek to capture you all the time.

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Introduce about Blue Monster Escape

Blue Monster Escape – Exciting survival and horror puzzle adventure

Perhaps you are no stranger to the character “blue monster”, a fear of many gamers. This time, you will have new encounters with it and many of its other companions in Blue Monster Escape, the game published by Fgame Global. The game will attract gamers with its thrilling survival gameplay and cleverly integrated horror elements. They will have the opportunity to enjoy an adventure that is both funny and horror, bringing many different emotions. Besides, with 3D graphics and realistic design, the game will really make every gamer beware of creepy chase situations.

Blue Monster Escape

The game has attracted more than 1 million players on Google Play and received a rating of 4/5 review points. So perhaps it will also please you with all it has to offer. If you love this game, don’t hesitate to download it to your phone here. Then go to the toy factory and uncover the mysteries there.

Complete the quizzes your way

The game will lead you to the mysterious things in the abandoned toy factory. There, they will have to complete the required puzzles to solve the mystery and find a way out of the factory. These puzzles will ask the player to find tools to solve the puzzle. The typical throwing tool is two hands of GrabPack, a backpack to which two prosthetic arms are attached. They are extremely useful for opening doors, pushing obstacles, and more. Therefore, if you want to enter a locked room, you will need to put your right hand in the opening of the door. Or when you need to pick up an item from above, these two hands will be extremely useful.

The puzzles are the publisher’s intention to lead gamers to many places in the toy factory. There, they can find a lot of cool things, such as abandoned robots, bizarre drawings, and more. Try to memorize the locations of different locations to master your adventure. Because you can’t know the dangers that are always lurking around and can catch you all the time.

Runaway from the monsters

The puzzle journey of gamers in Blue Monster Escape will not be peaceful for more than a few minutes. Their curiosity has swayed the crazy monsters, and it’s time to run. There’s no way to fight them, so if you come across them, it’s best to run to escape the killing. It could be a familiar blue monster or its new friend, Hogie. Everyone is equally dangerous and they don’t want to spare an adventurer like you.

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However, gamers can strategize to escape the temporary pursuit of the enemy. For example, they can use two hands to open the door, then close the door to prevent enemies from chasing behind. Besides, they can climb to high places to escape the sight of monsters. And a lot of other tips that will be useful to stay alive, but you need to find them on your own. Each situation will require a different approach. Gamers need to show agility and courage to escape the most horrific moments.

Simple controls

Contrary to the difficult and somewhat horror gameplay, the game’s controls are quite easy. Players just need to click on the screen to use their hands and use the joystick to move the character. The first perspective will help them observe everything in the most intuitive and realistic way. Moreover, the smooth footage also gives them a chance to enjoy every detail in the game scene.

Simple but impressive design

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Like many other games inspired by the horror character “green monster”, Blue Monster Escape possesses a simple and sophisticated design. It simulates the old toy factory well with mysterious landscapes. The game context also has a well-rounded investment, making your adventure experience more attractive and engaging. Meanwhile, the sound is very vivid and changes flexibly depending on the situation. It’s playful tunes when you’re adventure and puzzle, but it’s pretty intense as the chases unfold. Feelings of fear and suspense were pushed up.

How to install Blue Monster Escape

Step 1: Download Blue Monster Escape MOD APK at Modded-1.com via the link in this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”. The installation will take place shortly after and you need to wait a bit for it to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it on your Android phone.

Download Blue Monster Escape APK for Android

Are you ready to challenge yourself in the horror adventure like never before in Blue Monster Escape? It offers an experience that is both fun and thrilling with puzzles and creepy survival challenges. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the abandoned toy factory, discover them your way and try to escape death from the crazy monsters, do you feel?

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