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Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 APK is the second part of the horror game series from the publisher FALCON GLOBAL. It takes you on a new journey in the mysterious toy factory. There, you will meet again the familiar horror characters that have haunted many fans.

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Introduce about Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 – Puzzle survival game with horror elements

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

If you have ever played Blue Monster Escape, you will recognize the familiarity of this game. Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 is the sequel to its predecessor and has new improvements. This time, it added new characters from the original horror animated series. Moreover, the game context is also completely new with a more elaborate and diverse design than the first part. It brings colorful space in the toy workshop. There you will find strange puzzles and mysterious horror characters. Run to escape them or you will get terrible jumpscares. Try to test your bravery and courage now.

Puzzle adventure in the toy workshop

This time, gamers will have a new adventure in the abandoned toy workshop. Their mission is to uncover the mysteries here and survive as long as possible. The toy workshop will include various areas from the warehouse, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and other areas. Players need to control their character to go through each area, decipher the drawings and search for items. The game will have puzzles to lead gamers from one place to another. Sometimes it may ask you to find an object. But it’s not available right in front of you, requiring you to scroll to find and collect.

Along the way, the player can meet typical horror characters. They won’t leave you alone, so the only way is to run. In order to get out of terrible scenes, players need to know how to make use of what they have. The most effective support device is GrabPack’s two prosthetic hands. Players can use them to open rooms or get items. Besides, some other effective weapons will be scattered on the map. Gamers need to collect them to use in emergency situations.

Meet the typical faces again

This time, the character you meet is not only Hogie waggy but also dozens of other horror faces as its friends. It could be Pissy, Spider Mommy Long Legs, Spider Long Legs, and more. Each character has a unique appearance and unique skills. So they will make it difficult for you in different ways. In particular, gamers need to pay attention to Mommy Long Legs, a long-legged stuffed animal that loves to eat animals, decomposing plants, insects, and even humans.

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Each character can appear anywhere with an unpredictable frequency. Therefore, there is no way to predict where or when they will appear. Puzzles will lead you to many locations, thereby increasing your chances of encountering crazy monsters. You need to prepare yourself for the gruesome scenes and the necessary weapons to increase your chances of survival. The challenges will become more and more difficult as the player goes further.

Unlock new locations and puzzles

Over time, gamers can access many new locations in Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2. By searching for the necessary items, they can continue their journey in new areas and encounter new puzzles. So the gamer’s journey will not stop at any level. It was not until they were threatened by the monsters and could not escape them that they officially stopped. But they can keep playing and feel the difficulty increasingly fierce. How far will you go to uncover all the mysteries in the toy workshop?

Vivid and colorful 3D design

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The game world is well simulated on the 3D graphics platform. It both creates a sense of friendliness and intimacy and creates the necessary horror. In the toy workshop, you will easily encounter bizarre drawings and countless mysterious things. Moreover, the monsters will be designed very close to the original, plus unexpected expressions and actions. They can overwhelm you with unexpected encounters. The catchy and creepy music also contributes to highlighting the jumpscares. Moreover, the game space is covered with dark colors, increasing the feeling of real survival.

How to install Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2

Step 1: Click on the link at the end of the article to download the APK version of Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2.

Step 2: Click “Install” to install the game. Before that, enable unknown apps in your device’s settings.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete and a game icon will appear on the main screen. Finally, you just have to tap on it to start playing.

Download Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 APK for Android

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 is here for you to download for free on your phone. This game has attracted more than 1 million players worldwide and now the experience is for you. Get ready for a new adventure in the toy workshop that houses the horror monsters. You need to be ready with your dummy hands to solve puzzles and uncover all the mysteries. Moreover, take advantage of what is available to survive as long as possible.

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