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Update OnJanuary 10, 2022
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Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK is a classic horror game with a first-person perspective. Your mission is to explore mysterious facilities and solve every puzzle while not being captured by a monstrous creature.

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Introduce about Poppy Horror: Chapter One

Poppy Horror: Chapter One – The first part of the classic horror game series

Poppy Horror: Chapter One is the next game in the Poppy horror game series from the publisher ABI Global Publishing. They’ve had many previous games all inspired by the spooky Poppy character. But this time, they want to open a new horror game campaign with the first part. That’s why this game is titled “Chapter One”. It really achieved unexpected success when quickly reaching more than 5 million installs on Google Play.

Poppy Horror: Chapter One

However, this game still received mixed reviews from fans. Overall, it’s an okay horror game with a moderate level of horror that anyone can play. The game context is also quite diverse but lacks precision and depth. Maybe that’s why it got a 3.5/5 rating. So is it really a horror game worth trying? We will go into detailed reviews of the game to have a more intuitive look.

Explore and solve puzzles

The horror mechanics of Poppy Horror: Chapter One are rooted in adventures that incorporate puzzle elements. Here, players will have to explore the entire map, which is an old abandoned factory with many mysterious rooms. Those sentences will constantly appear on the screen, requiring gamers to constantly move and explore to find the solution. But the puzzles are usually not too difficult, such as asking you to find a key, open a door, or get anything from afar. These puzzles mainly lead the player to many nooks and crannies of the map, discovering secret rooms and the story behind the place.

The player will be assisted with two hands, one blue and one red. Each hand has the ability to grab items from quite a distance. However, each hand will be compatible with different tasks, depending on its color. Therefore, depending on the situation, gamers have to use two hands to solve the puzzles in the game. Besides, learn how to take advantage of the terrain on the map. There are many buildings with different heights or colorful squares that will help you jump high and explore more from a new perspective.

Don’t get caught

Not only solving puzzles, but players will also have to run away from a strange blue monster. If you’ve ever played classic horror games in your web browser, you’ll be familiar with how he looks. He doesn’t look very gentle, so you need to be careful with him in all situations. The player’s adventures will be disturbed by this monster, and if you do not want to start the game again, you need to run away from him. This is the horror element of Poppy Horror: Chapter One.

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Although this horror element is quite normal, it also leaves gamers with many interesting feelings. Your concentration in the process of adventure and puzzle will surprise you with threats from enemies. Running away from him is not easy, players need to know how to take advantage of the terrain to find the exit. Besides, from the first-person perspective, everything becomes more attractive than ever.

Unique game scene

Poppy Horror: Chapter One offers settings with many secret rooms and colorful structures. Arguably, this is the most controversial element of this game. Firstly, the bright colors of the game’s background reduce the horror element needed for the game. Second, the context is not too diverse, there are not many modes to try. Therefore, the attractive element of the game is somewhat reduced and does not really attract players’ long-term experience. However, the game publisher also constantly updates much new content. We hope that there will be many new game maps to play.

Simple graphic style

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As mentioned above, Poppy Horror: Chapter One is nothing special in terms of visual style. However, it is enough to satisfy many fans, both male and female, including children and adults. The image in the game has bright colors, making it more suitable for many players. As for the sound, there is no background music, only the sound of the character’s movements. It makes the experience more real and alive.

Steps to install Poppy Horror: Chapter One

Step 1: Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK at Modded-1.com through the link at the end of this article. Note, if you have any other version of the game on your phone, please uninstall it first.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by clicking on it and selecting Install.

Step 3: Installation is complete, the game icon will appear on the phone screen. Just click to open and play the game right away.

Download Poppy Horror: Chapter One APK for Android

Poppy Horror: Chapter One is a simple horror game but enough to satisfy many players. It is no coincidence that it reached more than 5 million installs on Google Play. So you can trust the attraction it brings. The horror plot is not too new but attractive, the first-person experience mechanism is intuitive and realistic, the image is bright, the sound is vivid. That’s what stands out about this game. What do you think about it?

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