SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO APK 1.0 [Full Game] Download for Android

Update OnMay 26, 2022
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SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO APK is ready to give players classic NeoGeo-style battles. In the game, you will become a special forces soldier with the task of breaking into the enemy base and taking down all the guards around. Of course, things will not be so simple, you need to possess great fighting skills to achieve the goal.

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SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO – Top NeoGeo game with fierce battles

NeoGeo games are being remade quite a lot at the moment by the publisher SNK CORPORATION. Each game has a familiar visual style, associated with the childhood of many players around the world. SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO is a prime example. You will participate in fierce battles from the perspective of talented special forces.


You need to control the main character reasonably to be able to defeat all the enemies in front of you to complete the mission. Besides, this game also has some improvements compared to the original version to bring many new experiences to players. Currently, you can download SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO through Google Play starting at $3.99. If you don’t want to pay but can still experience the game, the APK version on our website will be a good choice.

Fascinating hostage rescue story

By joining the game, players will discover the story of saving Doctor George, who was kidnapped by the Bloody Scorpion terrorist organization not long ago. As a talented special agent, you are sent to carry out this mission by the organization. Remember that Bloody Scorpion is one of the top terrorist organizations in the world. They have carried out many successful missions and no one has been able to destroy.

Besides, you have to act alone to avoid the attention of the guards. Therefore, find a way to hone your fighting skills continuously if you want to complete the assigned mission and rescue the hostages. There will be many difficult situations waiting for you in this game. Don’t be too scared because any problem has a solution.

Defeat the enemies in front of you

Join SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO, players will immediately fight the enemies in front of them without any other help. You will fight the enemy through a variety of pre-equipped weapons, each weapon will have different firepower and usage. Therefore, try through a variety of weapons to find the most suitable one.

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At the same time, enemies will constantly appear on the map with the aim of defeating you as soon as possible. Besides the attacks, you also have to dodge the attacks of the enemy to ensure the safety of the character. Remember that you are only provided with a single HP bar during the course of the mission. When this HP bar reaches 0, you will lose and vice versa. Do not forget to collect items on the screen to increase a certain amount of HP.

Some new improvements

As mentioned, SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO has added a number of new improvements compared to the first version. This will help players always feel excited during the enjoyment. You can refer to some changes such as the addition of online features through the ranking mode.

Thanks to that, you can connect with other players around the world to make challenges easier. Besides, you can try to use some other functions such as save, fast load and customize the pad to create the most comfortable feeling when playing the game. Overall, this improvement is extremely useful to help make this game in line with the current trend.

Classic graphics

SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO is inspired by the classic graphic style like the original version a few decades ago. Although all the details are kept the same, we believe that you will still feel the beautiful graphics and smooth motion throughout the game. At the same time, the change of context after each level will bring players unforgettable experiences.

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Besides the graphic element, the sound system in this game also shows vividness through the strange background music. You will enjoy classical music, accompanied by sound effects emitted in each battle. Although it cannot be compared with the games developed in the present time, we believe that you will feel extremely impressed when you enjoy it.


Step 1: Download SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO (Original APK) version developed by Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock Unknown Sources on your Android device to allow the installation of the game “SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO”.

Step 3: Open the file SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO_modded-1.com.apk. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen until the installation is complete.


SHOCK TROOPERS ACA NEOGEO is one of the impressive NeoGeo games that you should try to experience even just once. This game is inspired by endless wars where you have to show your amazing fighting skills to complete the assigned challenges. The content will also constantly change at each level, which will definitely not make you bored. Get ready to face a variety of enemies from infantry to snipers while playing the game.

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