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Update OnMarch 28, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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The Milky Way is waiting for your help before it’s too late. Join Space Shooter MOD APK now, you can have the opportunity to become the commander of great spaceships and lead his army to fight against the forces of evil. In this article, we will help you better understand this interesting game.

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Introduce about Space Shooter

Space Shooter – Spaceship shooting game with lots of interesting content

Space Shooter gives players exciting outer space battles. Here, you will face waves of monsters coming from all over the screen. Your mission is to control the spaceships to defeat aliens to ensure the safety of the Earth. This is an uncompromising battle, you need to do everything to win this survival match.

Furthermore, the publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD also adds a series of interesting mechanics to give players a sense of excitement when experiencing. Typically you’ll be up against alien enemies in the form of Hugg Wuggy, Battle Robots, and more. Thanks to continuous improvement, Space Shooter has reached more than 100 million installs on Google Play. Thereby, becoming one of the most loved space shooting games.

Join the war in outer space

The context of the game is inspired by the event that the aliens are beginning to invade the Earth. They constantly bring modern fighting machines and are ready to destroy the civilization of all mankind. As a space hero, you cannot stand by and watch your dear Earth get ruined for any reason. So fight hard by controlling the space fleet and defeating all enemies.

First, players will begin to choose for themselves the best battleship to defeat the opponent. Your ship must possess optimal power and excellent defense. At the same time, do not forget the help of good teammates, they will always stand by and fight with you in this uncompromising battle. Join this game to contribute to protecting the peace of the Earth now.

Diverse power-up system

Enemies will become stronger and more numerous in Space Shooter, so players need to constantly upgrade the power of their battleships. Accordingly, this game provides players with a lot of battleships with much more modern weapons than the original stage. Each type has a different design and indicators that will definitely make it easier for you to choose.

If you want, you can also upgrade your spaceship to improve its stats. Note that your skills are also an important part of winning in this game. Because no matter how powerful the spaceship is, it will not be able to withstand the strong impact of the enemy. Besides, you will use the coins earned after each battle to upgrade or unlock your favorite starships.

Over 200 levels to explore

As of now, Space Shooter offers players more than 200 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. Each level will bring you exciting, interesting, and diverse fighting moments. At the same time, your opponent will also constantly change after each battle, which will definitely make things a lot more fierce. Therefore, you need to keep a high level of concentration along with skillful manipulation in all situations.

Confront the Boss

The next remarkable point from Space Shooter is the very diverse Boss system. Each type of Boss has a different design, accompanied by firepower and strong defense. They will appear at the end of each battle so you shouldn’t be in a hurry to defeat the regular sentinels. Because the new Boss is the ultimate challenge that this game brings to players. However, the rewards they bring will also be something that anyone is interested in.

3D graphics with clear effects

The display quality of Space Shooter is also very clear with the built-in 3D graphics format. All the details in the game are optimized for mobile devices. So you will experience everything in the most intuitive and vivid way. Moreover, the spatial context in the game is also beautifully reproduced, promising to bring players unforgettable experiences. At the same time, the attack effect is also very smooth and colorful, so it will definitely make everything more attractive than ever.

How to install Space Shooter

Step 1: Search for the keyword “Space Shooter” on Modded-1.com or click the link at the end of this article to download Space Shooter MOD APK.

Step 2: Select Install to start the process of installing the game file.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete, then you can open the game and fight right away.

Note: If you encounter any errors related to the installation process, you should contact us to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Download Space Shooter MOD APK for Android

Becoming a spaceman in Space Shooter has never been easy for anyone. Especially, you have to confront a large and very skilled enemy force. Join this game now to show your manipulative skills and master the battles. Besides, you can also unlock any content in the game when you download the MOD version at our website.


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