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SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO APK is an attractive football game in a classic style. You will immediately notice the similarity of this game to games born a few decades ago. It is understandable because this game is developed based on the famous original version of the same name. Refer to this article to better understand it.

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SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO – 90s Inspired Soccer Game

The development of the game market has led to a series of quality games being born. If you are a lover of football games, you can look to famous series like PES or FIFA to experience the best. But if you want to enjoy football in a more classic style, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO will be a great choice.


This is a football game inspired by the games of the 90s. Most of the old games will not possess high-quality graphics and polished gameplay but will definitely bring you the best. much more unique experience. Basically, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO is a product from the publisher SNK CORPORATION. It is being sold for about $ 3.99 on Google Play and App Store. Although this fee is not too large, you can play the game for free by downloading the APK version on our website.

The return of the classic game NEOGEO

Before talking about the notable highlights of SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO, we will cover the return of the classic NEOGEO games. Accordingly, we can realize that the publisher SNK has continuously cooperated with Hamster Corporation to bring NEOGEO games to the mobile platform. Everything has now been heavily customized to make these games best suited for mobile devices. Thanks to that, you just need to choose a NEOGEO game in any genre to enjoy right now without difficulty like before.

Typical soccer game

Because it was released a few decades ago, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO will not revolve too much about factors off the field like football games in the present time. Joining the game, players will immediately control their players to move on the field with the sole purpose of putting the ball into the opponent’s net. Of course, things are not so simple, you need to make sure that the opponent cannot score in your team’s net if you want to win.

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The operation of this game is similar to the rules of football. But instead of controlling 11 players on the field, matches in SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO have been reduced to 5 players per team. Accordingly, you have the right to control all players on the screen and try to score as many goals as possible. Each match will be limited to 4 minutes, after this time the team that scores more goals will win.

Win the championship trophy

SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO offers players a small-scale tournament system. Where your team will compete against AI opponents or other players to win the prestigious championship trophy. The road to success in this game requires a lot of factors, but you need to make sure that you will win all the matches. Besides, the way the players play on the field is not as flexible as in the current football games. Therefore, you need to master the skills of the players to score as many goals as possible.

Some notes

As mentioned, SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO is inspired by games from a few decades ago so it won’t be able to satisfy the needs of all players. Here are some limitations that you need to accept when playing the game:

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  • The first is that the matches in SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO will not have a substitution. So, you will directly control the players on the field without being able to change tactics or make substitutions.
  • Next, players will not find a transfer system in this game. You just need to choose a certain team and help them achieve glory before moving on to another team.
  • The stats of the players on the field are exactly the same. There are no superstars or outstanding players, maybe just the change of the uniform.
  • The graphics and sound quality of this game will remain the same as the original version. This means that you will not see elaborate images when playing the game.


Step 1: Download the full version of SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO via the link in this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy football matches in your own way.


SUPER SIDEKICKS ACA NEOGEO is suitable for players who love nostalgia. This game follows the usual football rules, so you will feel the attraction and drama during the game. Although it cannot be compared with games of the same genre at the moment, we are sure that this game will not disappoint you.

Features MOD

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