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Update OnNovember 16, 2022
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The journey of the main character in Dark Riddle has been pushed to a new level in the next version called Dark Riddle 2. Here, the player will continue a new adventure from the perspective of the protagonist who has just moved to a new city. How will the story in the gameplay out? Let’s find out with us now.

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Introduce about Dark Riddle 2

Dark Riddle 2 – Continuation of the main character’s story in a strange neighborhood

As introduced by the publisher, Dark Riddle 2 will bring players completely new stories of the main character guy. All the details in the game are developed in the traditional adventure style, and the player will observe from a first-person perspective. Your task is simply to control the main character to move around and complete the assigned tasks to better understand the plot.

Dark Riddle 2

Although keeping the same gameplay as the first part, Dark Riddle 2 has been provided by the publisher PAGA GROUP with new mini-quests and puzzles. Thanks to that, players will always have a really new feeling during the game. Currently, this game is receiving love from players around the world thanks to the puzzle gameplay combined with the characteristic adventure element. You should try downloading and installing the game through the App Store or Google Play to enjoy the interesting things it brings.

Background from unusual neighborhoods

Dark Riddle 2 is set in the event the main character leaves the old city and searches for a new beginning in the neighboring city. This is an unusual city, where there are constant fights or the appearance of different elements that you have never seen before. Typically you can meet a retired police officer, aliens, or even unusual creatures. The special thing is that the neighbors hide a lot of mysteries that no one knows. So you are an important agent to find the most accurate answers.

Explore everything around

If you are looking for a free adventure game, then congratulations, Dark Riddle 2 is the perfect choice for you. This game mainly focuses on the context of a strange neighborhood. This place is not too quiet but also not too noisy. Everyone in the neighborhood can interact with each other easily, and you can also get to know anyone on the street. Moreover, the game also allows players to explore everything around the neighborhood without following any constraints from the game.

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There won’t be any quests that limit your adventure, so enjoy the adventures in your own way. Of course, not everyone who appears in the neighborhood is an honest person. The appearance of crooks, strange creatures will make your adventure much more interesting. Sometimes performing the task of catching crooks to protect the peace of the neighborhood will help you gain the trust of those around you.

A lot of challenges are waiting

Besides endless adventures, players also need to ensure that they always complete the available challenges. Challenges in the game will constantly appear, making it impossible for players to take their eyes off the screen when experiencing. Dark Riddle 2 also pays attention to changing the difficulty as well as the way to complete each challenge. Thanks to that, you will always feel the excitement when performing the assigned challenges. Try to conquer all available challenges to receive valuable items. Besides, each character in the game can create an endless journey. So don’t forget to interact to better understand them.

Quality colorful graphics

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Despite being an adventure game, with the appearance of horror elements, Dark Riddle 2 is ready to change the way the entire player thinks. Join the game, you will not notice any horror appearing during your journey. Instead, the details in the game show meticulous, elaborate, and bright colors. Thanks to that, you will not feel scared at all, on the contrary, everything is very accessible and provides the necessary relaxation. In general, the graphics quality of this game is quite good and there is nothing to complain about.

How to install Dark Riddle 2

Step 1: Download Dark Riddle 2 (APK or MOD) version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button to install the game.

Step 3: The installation process will take place in a fairly short time. Finally, you just need to touch the icon of the game on the main screen to experience it right away.

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Download Dark Riddle 2 MOD APK for Android

Dark Riddle 2 will take players from one surprise to another through the story as well as the diverse mission system. Here, you need to solve puzzles and unravel the secrets of the neighbors or anyone who appears in this neighborhood. During the course of the game, new creatures will appear, thereby contributing to creating compelling stories for players.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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