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Cathy Pruss
Update OnMay 7, 2022
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The adventure of finding powerful Pokemon has officially begun in Awaken Monster Battle Adventure. Here, you will have the opportunity to become a talented trainer to train powerful animals and win matches. Have you come up with an idea for a good combination of the strongest Pokemon in the game?

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Introduce about Awaken Monster Battle Adventure

Awaken Monster Battle Adventure – Adventure game inspired by legendary Pokemon

The Pokemon manga series has always received great attention from many people around the world. Therefore, there have been many game publishers focusing on exploiting this extremely attractive comic series to produce interesting and equally unique products. In the past, we have introduced you to a number of traditional Pokemon-style eating games, all of which have been loved by many players.

Awaken Monster Battle Adventure

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to another game called Awaken Monster Battle Adventure. If you love the lovely Pokemon characters with extraordinary powers in the comic book and cartoon series of the same name, you definitely cannot ignore the appearance of this game. Accordingly, this is a game developed by Cathy Pruss, and it is also the first product of this publisher. Currently, you can download the game through Google Play in the form of early access.

The plot follows the original

It can be seen that the plot of this game will be relatively similar to the animated movie of the same name that is widely released around the world. Therefore, participating in this game you will admire famous places through the fierce arenas available. In Awaken Monster Battle Adventure, players will enter a Pokemon trainer and embark on an adventurous adventure to find the most powerful Pokemon.

Accordingly, you will have to face other people in head-to-head matches. This means that players need to develop a good squad of Pokemon, upgrade and unlock new characters. In general, the plot, as well as the gameplay of this game, is not really different from other products of the same genre. But surely Awaken Monster Battle Adventure will give you a lot of surprises during the enjoyment.

Overview of the gameplay

In Awaken Monster Battle Adventure, you should remember that each Pokemon will possess completely different advantages and disadvantages. This will help players easily make the right choice for each battle. Each Pokemon will carry basic elements such as HP, attack power, level, cost, and luck. The special thing is that you can upgrade all Pokemon in your squad to increase the stats in each battle.

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Besides, players will have to form a team of 6 different Pokemon and participate in fierce battles with other opponents around the world. This is not a simple task at all. So combine your Pokemon perfectly to launch effective attacks and smash the enemy’s strategy. From there, raise your rank and receive worthy rewards.

Weapons and equipment for Pokemon

Unlike other games of the same genre, Awaken Monster Battle Adventure allows players to equip the right weapons to increase the power of the Pokemon in the squad. Each Pokemon in the game will need to equip the appropriate items to optimize its strength. Moreover, the equipment in the game is also divided into many different levels, through which the strength of the characters will be gradually increased over time. Besides, the latest Pokemon types will also be added regularly in this game to help players create completely new squads.

Extremely vivid picture quality

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The next notable highlight is the fact that Awaken Monster Battle Adventure is integrated with extremely sharp 3D graphics. This promises to make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen from the first time you experience the game. The images of the characters in the game are designed in a familiar cartoon style along with colorful graphic designs. Moreover, interesting special animation effects are also one of the highlights that make you unable to take your eyes off the screen when experiencing. In general, this game possesses good-looking image quality, vivid character images, and relatively smooth transition effects compared to products of the same genre.

How to install Awaken Monster Battle Adventure

Step 1: Here are links to help you download the (APK or MOD) version of Awaken Monster Battle Adventure. Please select the file that suits yours needs to begin the installation process.

Step 2: After that, do the following steps on your device: Go to Settings, look for Awaken Monster Battle Adventure game information in Applications, go to Advanced Settings, and enable drawing on apps that have a source other than Google Play.

Step 3: Completing the steps above, you can play the game early. It will not take more than 3 minutes to do this.

Download Awaken Monster Battle Adventure APK for Android

Awaken Monster Battle Adventure is truly a brand new playground for fans of legendary Pokemon characters. Thereby, players can freely explore, create dream squads and destroy opponents in a snap. Overall, this game focuses on turn-based battles, unique character route integration, quest completion, upgrades, and progress through the battles. All these factors will surely bring you unforgettable experiences.

Features MOD:

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