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Update OnMarch 28, 2022
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Unholy Adventure 3 MOD APK is a famous adventure and puzzle game built on the success of previous versions. In the game, players will still play the game in the familiar point and click form. From there interact with different things and events to find out the ultimate mystery. First, let’s find out what’s so special about this game.

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Introduce about Unholy Adventure 3

Unholy Adventure 3 – Challenging puzzles, uncovering story-driven mysteries

Unholy Adventure 3 is the latest product in the famous Unholy Adventure game series from the publisher Dali Games: adventure games. They specialize in the production of adventure games with that factor that promises to bring players unique experiences. Each version of Unholy Adventure has a different story, Unholy Adventure 3 is no exception. This game will still allow players to transform into Peter Grim and uncover the secrets going on around this guy.

download unholy adventure 3 apk

Currently, Unholy Adventure 3 is available on Google Play in the form of pre-registration. That is, players will need to wait a little longer to enjoy this game to the fullest. Hopefully, the positive changes coming from this game will help it become more explosive and attractive than previous products.

Seamless plot

Continuing the story of the previous versions, players will discover the story of Peter Grim on his journey to find his girlfriend Betty. Not only that, in this 3rd part there will be a lot of secrets for players to solve during the experience. Will Peter find his girlfriend to have a completely happy ending? Or what are the real enemies behind these ongoing mysteries? All will be answered as soon as you experience this game right now.

Gameplay point and click

Unholy Adventure 3 will lead players to different events to find clues before starting to explore the next mission. All that the player needs to do in this game is to touch the details available on the screen. Each choice will give you a certain number of clues, combine them together to create a successful case to continue your adventure.

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Basically, each thing and phenomenon in the game will play a certain role in the player’s adventure. A special feature of this game series is that there will be many different turns related to the player’s puzzle process. That is, each of your choices will include a lot of sub-questions or related actions. Once you complete the questions appropriately, it will lead to a happy ending for the main character. Sometimes players also have to face terrifying fears that only exist in their subconscious, overcome them to continue the journey.

Logic and strange whispers

The logic in Unholy Adventure 3 is well shown with many actions and thoughts coming from the main character. This means that players will always have to reason continuously in situations to lead the story to a happy ending. Just a small mistake in logic will lose you important clues to find the final mystery. Moreover, players will be completely absorbed by the events that continuously take place throughout the adventure. Don’t mind the fears, focus on the logic and look around to win.

Besides, whispers will sound every time your character moves on the screen. These are lines of unknown origin, which can be the main character’s monologue or messages from the supporting character. Does someone seem to be telling you something? It is these whispers that will lead the story in the game to become interesting and give players the necessary curiosity.

Adventure through various locations

download unholy adventure 3 mod apk

Just like previous versions, Unholy Adventure 3 offers players a lot of different locations for adventure. The number of locations in this game has also had a significant addition that promises to help players always feel excited when enjoying. Joining the game, you will discover a desolate, scary morgue with the presence of giant monsters. Or explore the vast enchanted forests, or even dangerous headquarters with many mysterious objects, etc. It all depends on your decision.

2D graphics but full of charm

Accordingly, Unholy Adventure 3 will still have familiar 2D-style graphics with many notable additional details. Players will discover a journey full of gloom and darkness with typical colors like previous versions. Therefore, you will feel like you are watching a horror movie combined with action elements throughout the game. In addition, the movement of the character, as well as the transitions, take place quite smoothly. Thanks to that, players will be truly immersed in the mysterious but equally interesting world that this game brings.

How to install Unholy Adventure 3

Step 1: You need to download Unholy Adventure 3 (APK or MOD) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings, allow the game “Unholy Adventure 3” to access.

Step 3: Open the Unholy Adventure 3_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Unholy Adventure 3 MOD APK for Android

Adventures in new locations are waiting for players to discover in Unholy Adventure 3. Although it has not been officially released in the game market yet, it has received the expectations of many players around the world. Note, this game brings an element of fear when experiencing, so you need to consider carefully before deciding to play.

Features MOD:

  • Unlock All Chapters

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