Craft Guys: Stumble Run APK 1.2.5 [Full Game] Download for Android

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Update OnSeptember 12, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Craft Guys: Stumble Run APK brings endless running challenges forward with the appearance of a lot of obstacles. You need to find ways to help your character reach the finish line safely in each level. It can be performing actions like running, jumping or even hopscotch to the finish line. Let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Craft Guys: Stumble Run

Craft Guys: Stumble Run – Adventure game with endless racing challenges

Craft Guys: Stumble Run

Your reflexes will be on full display in Craft Guys: Stumble Run. This is an adventure game combined with a journey to overcome obstacles in front of you to reach the finish line safely. You need to control your character to constantly run forward, not to fall down despite facing any challenges. At the same time, the publisher ABI Global LTD also integrates more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty to challenge players’ skills. Currently, this game has achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play. You should try downloading it for the best experience.

Explore the colorful world

Craft Guys: Stumble Run is set in a colorful world filled with various creatures and obstacles. In the game, you will face different challenges with increasing difficulty continuously through each level. Your goal is to help the main character reach the finish line as soon as possible, while ensuring safety.

The important thing is that you only have 10 lives in each level, you will lose 1 life if you collide with any obstacle. Besides, the appearance of yellow coins will also bring you a more interesting feeling. Try to collect coins to unlock new skins for your character. In some cases, you should ignore the appearance of coins if you do not want your character to be in danger.

Easy controls

The control method in Craft Guys: Stumble Run is really very simple with the appearance of virtual buttons on the screen. You will use the virtual buttons left, right, jump and more to help the character move as you want. In fact, these controls are so responsive, they respond instantly so you shouldn’t have any lag issues. Moreover, players can switch between 2nd person or 3rd person to feel the most convenient during the game.

Conquer hundreds of different levels

download craft guys stumble run mod

Craft Guys: Stumble Run has hundreds of levels with different difficulty waiting for you to explore. Initially, the challenges will be relatively simple to overcome because there are not too many obstacles on the screen. You simply control your character to move forward to reach the finish line safely.

Gradually, things will become more difficult as dangerous creatures and obstacle systems appear with a higher frequency. This means that you need to calculate carefully in each of your moves to avoid the obstacles in front of you. In addition, each level will give you different locations to explore. Are you confident enough to overcome more than 100 challenges that await in this game?

Change the look of the character

Basically, the mission system in Craft Guys: Stumble Run is also very diverse so that players can collect bonuses after completing tasks. You can use this bonus to unlock new characters or increase their power after each stage. As a beginner, you will only have one basic character skin to use. But when you play and win in a row, you can unlock countless unique skins available in the store.

 Most of the skins in the game are inspired by familiar superheroes like spiderman, hulk and more. This will definitely make you feel excited to own them. Alternately change the characters in each level to always feel new when experiencing this game.

Cube style pixel graphics

download craft guys stumble run apk

Pixel graphics are a contributing factor to Craft Guys: Stumble Run getting a lot of love from players. You will quickly feel the familiarity from the first time you see the details appear on the screen. Accordingly, the cubic details similar to Minecraft give players an interesting feeling when experiencing. At the same time, the display quality of this game is also shown quite well, which will surely bring a feeling of relaxation to the players from the first time.

How to install Craft Guys: Stumble Run

Step 1: Download the APK version of Craft Guys: Stumble Run from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On Android phone -> Go to settings -> Unlock “unknown sources”.

Step 3: Install the Craft Guys: Stumble Run_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Open the game by clicking on the icon and enjoy.

Download Craft Guys: Stumble Run APK for Android

Join Craft Guys: Stumble Run now to explore a series of grotesque challenges and strange obstacles. Just a few small mistakes are enough to make you pay in this fascinating adventure game. Don’t forget to collect coins that are randomly placed on the screen to unlock unique skins and help the main character stand out.

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