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Do you believe in true love? Do you dare to sacrifice your life to save the person you love from the dangers of life? Try joining the game Rescue The Lover to be able to demo before the special situations that you need to face. First, let’s learn a few things about this interesting game.

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Introduce about Rescue The Lover

Rescue The Lover – Protect true love from the dangers of life

Rescue The Lover is a mind game with an extremely interesting stickman style. Here, players will have to find ways to rescue their loved ones from dangerous kidnappers. A series of interesting challenges are waiting for you to discover in this game, choose the right one to successfully rescue her.

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This game is also developed by OneSoft Global – a very famous game publisher at the moment. Therefore, this game quickly gained more than 5 million installs along with 4.3/5 ratings through Google Play in just a short period of time.

Interesting story

The story in the game Rescue The Lover is about a stickman boy and his girlfriend. On one unlucky day, she was kidnapped by gangsters and ransomed. Of course, our guy doesn’t have enough money to buy the girl back. Therefore he is determined to rescue his girlfriend by facing dangerous criminals.

This means that the main character will have to face dangers related to his own life. Will this guy really rescue the girl and have a long-lasting love? Or will you succumb to the aggression, along with the powerful weapons coming from the gangsters? It is you who will write the ending for this extremely interesting story.

The gameplay is simple but very creative

Basically, Rescue The Lover owns simple gameplay similar to other puzzle games on the game market today. There are many hypothetical situations on the main screen, you will have to think carefully before making a final decision. More specifically, players will be offered 3 options in each game screen.

This is the time when you need to show your logical thinking because just choose wrong and everything will be over immediately. That is, the lover of the stickman guy will be killed by the gangsters right in front of you. Don’t let that happen, we believe that any player does not want the end of the game to be like that.

Sometimes, the choice you think makes the most sense fails and faces tragic but funny consequences. Meanwhile, the choice that is said to be the silliest and stupid is successful and helps you pass the level with ease. That is the interesting factor that makes this Rescue The Lover so attractive and addictive for any player.

Imagine various hypothetical situations

The most important factor to help you win in Rescue The Lover is logical thinking, along with rich imagination. Moreover, this game will not require the player to make his or her choice within a specific amount of time. Therefore, you should imagine the different possibilities when choosing and see the consequences of your actions before making a final decision. In general, players only need to touch one of the three decisions available on the screen to be able to play this game quickly.

The number of levels is diverse, creating a seamless

Maybe you don’t know, the situations in this game strung together and form a compelling story. Even if you save your lover, the difficulty is not over, always be ready to face the next challenge. This means that there will be many challenges waiting for you to conquer in Rescue The Lover.

Initially, the challenges in the game will not puzzle players too much through extremely specific hypothetical situations. For example, when facing an enemy, you will have two choices: put down the gun or pick up the gun and shoot at him. Each action will lead to a completely different ending, the latter the difficulty will also increase. Accordingly, the number of options will increase to 3 options that make you think a lot.

Beautiful 2D graphics

Although the graphics quality of Rescue The Lover only stops at a simple 2D level, the experience that this game brings is really great. The details in the game are in a simple style with a smart color scheme to create an extremely harmonious whole. Moreover, the moving scenes are also extremely smooth, giving players a seamless feeling right from the first time enjoying. Overall, the graphics of this game are really good and there is nothing to complain about.

How to install Rescue The Lover

Step 1: Download the (Original APK) version of Rescue The Lover from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on mobile.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Download Rescue The Lover APK for Android

Download Rescue The Lover game to your device and discover new stories waiting for you to discover in this game right now. Do you think you can save the stickman’s girlfriend from real dangers? Or simply making the right decisions to watch the in-game story unfold? It all depends on your decision.

MOD Features:

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