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Update OnNovember 25, 2022
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Voodoo always knows how to surprise players, and Stair Run is the latest surprise that this publisher brings in the present time. So what is more special about this game compared to previous products? Join us to find out right away.

Note: You can also refer to some other games from the Voodoo publisher such as Woodturning or Shortcut Run.

Introduce about Stair Run

Stair Run is the latest product from the publisher Voodoo. This game retains the traditional simple gameplay combined with arcade elements, promises to bring players endless moments of entertainment when experiencing. Basically, the player will have to help the protagonist overcome the obstacles in front of him in order to reach the finish line safely.

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But instead of moving or jumping over, this game requires players to build bridges to cross obstacles in front of them. That is also the main factor that helps this game achieve more than 10 million installs with 4.1/5 ratings on Google Play up to now.

Typical gameplay

The gameplay of Stair Run is extremely easy to understand. Players simply help their characters avoid the built-in obstacles on the colorful path. To do this, you will have to collect bricks from the road and place them in the basket behind you. Then use them as the main material to build bridges and overcome obstacles.

The special thing is that the character can carry an unlimited number of bricks during the movement. So you needn’t be afraid of the small basket. The more bricks he possesses, the stronger the character becomes, the easier it is to get to the finish line without too much difficulty.

Controls simple

Stair Run has a relatively simple control method and does not cause too many difficulties for the player. When you encounter an obstacle in the way, touch, and hold on the screen to use the number of bricks you have to build the stairs, overcome the obstacle easily. On the contrary, just let go to stop building. In general, the controls are quite similar to other games from the Voodoo publisher, so you will get acquainted quickly.


One thing that you easily realize when experiencing Stair Run, is that the obstacles in the game are red. Therefore, pay attention to red objects and avoid them if you do not want to lose them. However, not all obstacles in the game have that color, but sometimes it will be an infinite abyss. This means that no matter how many bricks you have, you will lose.

Besides, some useful items will appear everywhere along the way, they can be coins, spring padding. For example, the spring cushion will help the character jump over obstacles without the need to build stairs. In addition, at the end of each level, you will also receive an additional score corresponding to the number of bricks that you currently own.

Difficulty increases gradually

In the first levels of gameplay, players will easily overcome the challenges and finish without having too many difficulties. Through each level, the difficulty of Stair Run will increase gradually. The number of obstacles increases so you have to pick up all the bricks on the road, making the basket behind you always full so you can build stairs whenever you need. If you need to face tough challenges, then this game is the powerful reagent that you need.

Don’t waste the bricks earned

To complete the challenge, players need to save the number of bricks that they earn. Therefore, you should only use a certain number of bricks to overcome a certain obstacle. If you pass a high obstacle, build a few steps, pause for a moment to pause, and then build again. This will save you a lot of bricks until you reach the finish line. Thereby, increasing the rate of victory in each game screen.


Basically, the graphics of Stair Run don’t have too many highlights. But also quite understandable because most of the games from the publisher Voodoo have quite limited graphics quality. However, the details in the game are designed relatively interesting thanks to the eye-catching tones built into the screen. Although it is only designed in a simple block form, we believe that the graphics quality of this game will not disappoint you.

Delete Ads

Most of the games from the publisher Voodoo appear in ads when experiencing, and Stair Run is no exception. As usual, the ads will pay the publisher a certain amount of money to maintain and develop new games. But sometimes it will make players feel uncomfortable when experiencing. Therefore, you can the MOD version of Stair Run below to not encounter advertising while playing the game.

How to install Stair Run

Step 1: Download the file Stair Run_(MOD Bricks).apk from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Stair Run_(MOD Bricks).apk.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Finish the install.

Download Stair Run MOD APK for Android

We firmly believe that Stair Run is one of the most attractive simple games in the present time. This game will give players an endless experience through the built-in extremely diverse screen system. Besides, the sound quality and visual effects in this game are also very interesting sure will not make you feel disappointed.

MOD Feature:

  • No Ads


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