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Highcore Labs LLC
Update OnMarch 17, 2023
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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    • MENU MOD

    • Unlimited Ammo

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Tanks A Lot MOD APK is a game that belongs to the genre online of conventional tanks but is pretty much improved by publisher Highcore Labs. In terms of gameplay promises to make you feel extremely excited right from the first experience.

Note: You can refer to a few other action games like Brawl Stars or Clash of Clans.

Introduce about Tanks A Lot

Tanks A Lot is a real-time tank game published by Highcore Labs. Unlike the trajectory shooting gameplay of Tank Stars, the gameplay of this game is far more direct and crazy. Placed in a large 3D environment, you need to take good control of the tank and use the firepower to defeat the enemy tanks.

Tactical factors and coordination with teammates also decide the success or failure of gamers. Basically, the gameplay of Tanks A Lot has a combination of MOBA style and traditional tank shooting style that promises to bring you the best moments of experience possible.

How to play Tanks A Lot

Preamble, players will have access to a built-in rookie training course so that can understand how Tanks works in the shortest time. You are only equipped with a default tank to start the game experience. So you should fulfill the requirements of the game to be able to upgrade or replace important parts to help your tank become stronger in the near future.

Remember that the default tank is relatively weak, so you need to upgrade it as soon as possible if you do not want to be defeated easily by the enemy. This means that to win, the player needs to own a good tank, equipped with strong firepower including many types of guns such as machine guns, cannons, laser guns, and many other things.


Tanks A Lot owns a control system that is relatively intuitive and there are not too many virtual buttons. Therefore, players will not take too long to get used to the way to move. As well as help tanks perform shooting operations easily. You just need to touch the virtual steering wheel button integrated on the left of the experience screen to control the moving tank. At the same time, touch the screen to specify the tank to make powerful shots to destroy the enemy in a snap.

System equipped

Besides the above factors, it would be flawed not to mention the weapons system and well tanks in Tanks A Lot. First, the system of tanks in the game is quite diverse in types to help players can easily make the choice that suits them.

This game also offers a variety of weapons for players to choose from. Such as machine guns, cannons, napalm, taser guns, railgun, plasma guns, and many others in the process of finishing. They will be constantly updated in the next versions to bring the most massive arsenal for players around the world.

Classic or Online Mode

Tanks A Lot is a real-time tank game, so the gameplay is much crazier and straightforward. With many different game modes typically like Deathmatch, Brawl, and Battle Royale. Especially in the classic Deathmatch mode, you will enjoy a simulated 3Vs3 battle in a vast 3D environment. Each game mode will give you an enjoyable experience, sure to make you feel great.


With a fairly small map, it is ideal to use grass or rocks on the map to hide to avoid enemy fire. Besides, the smart movement will also make the opponent unpredictable. The most remarkable point is that the health recovery time after fighting will be very fast. So, if in the fight you lose health, you can withdraw the fight to restore and balance.

Graphics simple

About graphics, Tanks A Lot is also very good with the built-in 3D graphics platform to bring players fascinating and equally beautiful battles. The battlefields in the game are extremely detailed with well-designed drawings from the design department from Highcore Labs. The game is designed from a top-down perspective to allow players to easily observe the entire battle and easily devise appropriate strategies for each different battle.

How to install Tanks A Lot

Step 1: Download the Tanks A Lot special (APK & MOD) version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded APK file, wait until the process finishes.

Step 3: Access the game, and experience this classic strategy shooting game.

Note: This guide will support both the MOD and the original APK versions. You can install and follow our instructions. The installation process is extremely simple.

Download Tanks A Lot MOD APK for Android

Tanks A Lot is a very addictive multiplayer online multiplayer game and has a lot of creativity in the gameplay in the present time. If you are a fan of the tank shooter series combined with the traditional MOBA 3Vs3 style. This game will definitely be a not-bad choice at all.


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